Friday, October 12, 2007

No Swearing

Just a reminder that if you swear in the comments section, your comment is liable to be deleted with no further explanation. I've noticed a rise in swearing over the last few days. It won't be tolerated. So don't ******* do it!


Newmania said...

Appropos of nothing Iain ,I was just wondering how you felt about the case of Fergus Bowman who is in the long tradition of idiot Conservative Future nits embarrassing the Party ( from which he is now expelled)

The recently dethroned chair of the Conservative Future University of Central Lancashire was caught on an appealing little face book group called” Homos burn in hell”. He called gay people “Aids Monkeys “ and expressed satisfaction with his own anti Semitism and admiration for Mein Kampf “

I challenge you to respond without swearing


Anonymous said...

I like!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Iain Dale said...

Newmania, he was immediately chuckedn out of the party.

Daily Referendum said...


This will induce some very bad language:

Al Gore has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!

Anonymous said...

Newmania, I don't speak for anyone but myself. As someone who voted Labour last time, i don't think the Conservative party's bigots are any worse or more numerous than anyone else's. The best thing for us all to do is expel them where we can, and ignore them where we can't.

Anonymous said...

I like swearing. It's big and clever.

Anonymous said...

Iain did you delete mine as well by mistake?

Anonymous said...

But swearing is fun!

Can we have a list of banned words?

Anonymous said...

Weren't you tempted to swear Iain after meeting ******* Derek Draper last night? If you see him again tell him to wash his ******* hair.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

The Fergus Bowman incident is fairly typical of how one sad 22 year-old can provide "proof" of "the true colour of the Tories" There is a lot of clutching of straws if the antics of one very immature youth can make a headline, even if he is being detestable and advocating hate crimes.

Bowman just doesn't hat gays but also Jews, and probably people with red hair and he had this to say about GOLFERS, according to The Lanchashire Eveing Post:

"he branded members of Garstang Country Hotel and Golf Club, which is near his home, as "semi-civilized, illiterate degenerates"

On the latter I tend to agree with Bowman. What normal people wear Pringle sweaters and frilly shoes?

Liam Murray said...

A post recommending readers check out Polly Toynbee's latest column followed by a plea for less swearing?

Not sure there is a rule book on Tory blogging but if there is I'm sure there's something in there about that mistake...

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Best story of the day:

A commentator on a Times article about the EU Treaty writes:

"In my area, the Parish Council of Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, held a Public Meeting tonight, according to Schedule 12, Part 3, Paragraph 18 of the Local Government Act 1972.

A vote was passed, with over 20 in favour and one against, that there should be a Parish Poll on this topic:

"Do you want a national referendum on the EU Reform Treaty? Yes or No?"

I hope it may prove to be the thin end of a wedge...

John Peirson, Leicester, England

Anyone for a "Broughton Astley wants a Referendum" T-Shirt?

Anonymous said...

I am glad you at least are attempting to raise standards Mr. Dale. I for one have long held to this policy!

Craig Ranapia said...

Ever read Kingsley Amis' novel Girl, 20. Not exactly A-list Amis, but he did introduce the wonderful concept of the "obscenity-saver" (or 'f***-ette') - cant phrases you find so irritating, it's almost as fun to snarl them under your breath (or at the top of your lungs) as it is to actually curse.

Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize? I'd like to put my boot up the downward trend of the focus groupers who came up with that bright idea!

Anonymous said...

how about doing something about your spelling and grammar which is getting clucking worse by the day as you barely find time in your increasingly busy schedule to provide pastoral care for the online daytime pajama wearing community

Wrinkled Weasel said...

troll patrol.

Do you have any idea what it is like trying to make sense in a box that's smaller than my right testicle?

Anonymous said...

To the vicious, ignorant, provincial little person who wrote this:

verity said...
I like swearing. It's big and clever.

October 12, 2007 11:04 AM

There's a clue here, and Iain should have caught it. Although perhaps he didn't have comment moderation on at that point. Your choice of slang pinpoints your age and your education level. Don't post under my name again,little socialist blood-sucking tick.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Verity dear. You are by now a national treasure. So get off your fat bum and register and ID and stop whingeing about people nicking it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Verity, I might have crossed swords with you on other posts, and am happy to trade well-phrased insults but I promise you I would never stoop so low.

Anonymous said...

Might I suggest to iain, that in case some vindictive numbskull out there is thinking of creating an identity called "Verity", that he blocks it?
This has annoyed me as intensely as any of the splenetic outbursts that I've read, as it seems the juxtaposition of my messages has led Verity to think it was I.

Anonymous said...

Wrinkled Weasel, are you the troll formerly known as Mike? He too pretends to labour under the illusion that I'm fat. What is it with you silly men?

And no. I am not going to register.

Anonymous said...

No, John T. Don't worry. The troll masquerading as me is illiterate.

Anonymous said...

Wrinkled Weasel said...
troll patrol.

Do you have any idea what it is like trying to make sense in a box that's smaller than my right testicle?

October 12, 2007 2:00 PM

naturally I am unacquainted with the dimensional aspects of either of your testicles - though interesting you choose the Right testicle for comparison - do you find you favour it over the left one?

ps. is this where the "wrinkled" comes from?

Sea Shanty Irish said...

Re: Fergus Bowman (am hopeful he's NOT a celt) according to one press account at least, he's claiming that his remarks were SATIRE.

So what exactly is the difference between him and BORIS JOHNSON . . . except of course that BJ is a celebrity and the Tory's Great White Hope . . . while poor Fergus is just a spotty little scapegoat?

Of course the Conservative Party did the right (that is, correct) thing by throwing Bowman out on his keister. And John T. is absolutely correct - bigotry and bigots exist in EVERY political party & persuasion. Indeed in every human heart; perhaps it's part of original sin or maybe the way we're all wired after eons of evolution. Real question is, how do we all deal with it and try to get beyond it, in ourselves and each other???

Wonder how young Fergus feels about the fact that it was the Conservative Party that was the first to chose a leader of Jewish heritage? And how many Lib Dems & Labourites recognize the fact that the anti-homosexual law that put Oscar Wilde in Reading Jail was sponsored by the left?

Anonymous said...

Thank-you, Verity. That's the nicest thing anyone on here has ever implied about me!
I'm off to Guido's site to post some pro-Communist trollop. With a large G + T in hand.
Coming, Troll Patrol?

Anonymous said...

a Scottish hitman, Gordon "The Loose Change" Brown (aka Prudence) has been impersonating the Prime Minister and is now on the run having recently been exposed as a fake. Keep your identity in a safe place. Who knows where he will strike next.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to put my name in.

Anonymous said...

sorry Anonymous 5:12pm - on troll patrol. Mr Dale's too important and busy these days. Anyway strictly lemonade for me. Ribena stains my pajamas.

Now Ms. Verity if you'll just come down to the station and give us a few relevant details.

Firstly, your ethnic group. How would you describe yourself?

Anonymous said...

John T,
you're knicked sunshine.

Sea Shanty Irish said...


First, congratulations to Al Gore and the other recepients of the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course opinions now and in future will differ, but personally think posterity will support this award a heck of a lot more than when they gave the Peace Prize to Henry Kissinger & the North Vietnamese foreign minister!

Conservatives please note: three hundred years ago, to be a Tory meant you were a believer in the divine right of kings. Today such cavaliers (AB Cramer springs to mind) are still true blue for the most part. BUT the party has managed to expand its base just a wee bit . . . without giving up on its historic function as the break on progress . . . which truly is not always all that it's cracked up to be.

For example:
--William Pitt the Elder and young Edmund Burke were Whigs, but old Burke created the underpining of modern conservatism in reaction to the French Revolution, and William Pitt the Younger led the fight against the Corsican Ogre as the first great Tory Prime Minister.
--Benjamin Disraeli rallied Tory bitter-enders against Sir Robert Peel's repeal of the Corn Laws . . . then extended the franchise and transformed the Tory Party into the Conservative Party.
--Radical Joe Chamberlain split with Gladstone over Home Rule, and led the Liberal Unionists into alliance with Disraeli & his successors, and eventually creating the Conservative and Unionist Party.
--Lloyd George's split with Asquith destroyed the Liberal Party, and while LG remained a Lib, most of his followers, including Winston Churchill, soon ended up swelling the Tory ranks.
--The 1931 crisis and the resulting National government created Liberal Nationals, National Liberals and National Labourites, most of whom ended up as Conservatives in the (not so) long run.
--The rise of Margaret Thatcher not only made classic Manchester Liberalism the dominant creed of the Conservative Party, but it also expanded the Tory appeal & base with large sections of lower middle & skilled working class voters.
--Now David Cameron is again working to expand the base without losing the cavaliers, etc. by genuflecting to the "old time religion" but also by recognizing that in fact the earth is NOT flat.

So predict it won't be too long before the REAL Tory future is embracing envioronmental rhetoric AND values . . . and excorating the other parties for not doing ENOUOGH to stop global warming . . .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous of 5.43 pm, you may be funny, but I will not tolerate poor grammar.
1 Capitalise You're.
2 The word is "nicked", not "knicked".
3 Capitalise Sunshine, and insert a comma where appropriate.

Guido wouldn't let me post.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of swearing, Troll Patrol, from which you have strayed, do you agree with me that having to type in a Russian swear word every time one tries to put these leftist numpties straight (no offence, Wrinkly), is a bit rich?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Verity, you can send a photo to my email address and let me decide about your dimensions. I am discreet and scientific.

4x4 the people said...

John T.,
firstly, of Russian swear words I know none. I am barely up on my mathematical Greek despite my Cambog maths Ph.D. circa 1992 (I know, boasting, like you give a fuck (it's okay, we can profane, I think Mr Dale is, apparently, asleep upstairs somewhere on his new bed)). "P"="r" something like that. I know some Indian swear words havings shared digs with some Indians circa 1990 in Cambridge (and I now make a great scratch curry).

ps. my grammar is correct. I grew up in the middle of the desert and taught myself English as a kid; 'nother time, 'nother place.

4x4 the people said...

John T.
guess I was thinking about fingering your (k)nickers. Lame on my part. Point well made.

ps. why won't Guido let you post? There's no qaulity control (sorry) over there...

Anonymous said...

John T said

Sea Shanty Irish,
Written dialogue robs us of so much that would leaven the interchanges. Words we say aloud, if they are interpreted in a way that causes offence, we can immediately adapt in response to the reaction of the listener. In contrast, some of the rubbish we post (myself included), we would retract, but cannot, once we've read a reaction. Are you following, Troll Patrol? And Anonymous of various times of day apart from me.
Having said that, I think humour is a very useful instrument, and I hope I don't sound overly patriotic when I say that we British do that rather well (even Wrinkled,the tart, and especially Verity, though Troll doubts her origins), and I will finish (I'm off to refresh my Bombay Sapphire) by adding that this saves, as well as anything can, our ability to deal with the "outliers".

4x4 the people said...

john t. said....

would't worry about it too much much friend. Enjoy your G&T or whatever your favoured tipple is. I suspect on a Friday night there is more than a few drunken bloggers here. Very much enjoy your contribution to the Dale blogoshphere. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Troll Rat Roll (I've taken note of your almost un-decipherable "p=r" non-sequitur).
Guido wouldn't all ow me to post (deliberate Caesura) because he didn't like my knockers (deliberate typo, unlike your "qaulity" which redounds to your increasing dis-credit).
Your lewd suggestion disgusts me, and I'm not surprised that you were at Commybridge ((sic)(k))x 2.
Verity, I wouldn't trust Wrinkled, who, I think, is really Troll Patrol, and if it's the same one I'm thinking of, owes me a tin of Mulligatawny circa 1986 (he lies about his age as well as his qualifications), and spent some time nursing in an Indian hospital.
I refer to our flirtatious (yours and mine, not his) discourse on "When Hospitals Kill" half way down Iain's front page at 9.42 a.m. the other day. I expect you didn't suspect your curry was being served by a gay commie, did you?
If you're wondering about the capital C, I was in doubt, but trusted my instinct.
ps Apologies to Troll Patrol, if you are female. I'm married, if you were interested.
pps Verity reminds me of Dawn French in style, and regarding her curves (my wife is shapely, don't be shy),methinks the lady doth protest too much. (Lost on you, I know T.R., but make the effort and look it up on Google. That's where I found out about Bevan.

Anonymous said...

Pat Rat Roller,
I'm half-way through my Shiraz now, while my wife flicks between The Tudors and Ugly Betty. (I think she fancies Jeremy Northam, who resembles me but lacks my talent.)I apologise for my missing bracket earlier.
I don't mind your ampersand, R.R., (by the way, nice use of a semi-colon, which I'd thought had been "identity-stolen" by the camp smiley brigade) and I apologise for my bigotry on an earlier thread (I know you've looked). It's just that I don't meet class that often.
I notice from your "true blue" font that you've obtained an identity. If that's to stymie any attempt by a deluded fool out there to pose as you, I wouldn't worry, "friend", no-one cares.
Verity, Sea Shanty, Wrinkled, Ed, Newmania and Anonymous ska Set England Free, Judith, Vienna Woods, my agent, and assorted others too numerous to mention, even Cheis G., I except you from my regular railing at the untrammelled arse-porridge I read here, and I forgive those who come in a spirit of joy at the world (yes G.B.'s a twat, OK, so's D.C., yes, so lots have died and we should be angry/concerned/serious, our civilized ways unite us more than divide us, whatever our mutual distaste. Gosh, that Shiraz is good. Decadent, and probably a bit camp. Vive la difference, and I don't care whether it should be grave or acute, it's only a blog about profanity, so if they can't take a joke, fuck 'em.
I'm off to bed. Apologies in the morning.

Anonymous said...

ps , R.R. (you weren't erong about the drunks, mea culpa!) I enjoyed "more than a few "is"". Well thought through, if a bit clumsy.I've enjoyed more than a few, come to think of it.

Anonymous said...

The low IQ above has now ensured that Iain will never take comment moderation off again.

How gross, how primitive to abuse someone's hospitality like this.

4x4 the people said...

give the poor guy a break.

4x4 the people said...

if you read this John T. on Saturday morning and you are feeling a bit sheepish - pick yourself up buddy and move on.

James x

Ted Foan said...

In vino veritas? Hope you're all tucked up in bed now boys (and girls?) Goodnight.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly to what you were referring. I was composing my opus (sanctimonisus, twittery, feeblen (lacking acuity, etc.) and camp though it may be)missive while the laughable/ignorable abuse occurred.Series of expleties, James). No doubt Fat Patroller (no offence James)missed the abuse, missed Iain's deletion of it, and assumed wrongly that your accurate analysis of it had been addressed to me. Such is the nature of this whole exchange, and I hope you both appreciate that the value of our participation lies with and depends on our honesty with each other. We are who we say we are, and those interlopers are exactly, precisely defined by what they tried to say too. I hope Iain thinks twice before over-moderating. I often encourage Anthony Wells on UK Polling Report to let more of the more partisan posters through, as well. (Do come along, although all posts there must be related to POLLING analysis, rather than brow-beating.) My point is, and I will never feel sheepish for saying it, is we all add value, even the people we three dislike. That's not a communistic view, or a "correct" view, but a fact. Stop and define "value", Verity, before you have a go at me, it will help your argument(x). James, you owe Verity an apology, though you don't know why, and Verity, i owe you for making me think (though I KNOW you don't know why!)x
As it happens, I copied and pasted the offending posts before Troll Pat came back, just in case I awoke to-morrow with a doubt in my mind that it had happened!
ps I asked my wife if I was ever sanctimonious, feeble, camp or lacked acuity, and she said yes to three out of the four!
pps While reflecting on the two deleted posts, I did wonder whether mine would be deleted as well because of my "f*** em" remark. Iain clearly has more discernment than the considerable amount which I had accreditted him.
I'd like to move on to debate the real political issues, but if you can remind me whether or not "accredit" is transitive, that will suffice.

Anonymous said...

I woke up in the middle of the night with a deep desire to find a recipe for short crust pastry but is offline. Bugger.

Sorry, neither a weasel or verity or anyone else apart from occasionally an on.

Anonymous said...

John T:

Don't drink and blog.

You end up looking like an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Tip of the day
I'm sober this morning (was last night actually), and you're still objectionable
Bye all

Anonymous said...

John T - James, whoever he is, doesn't owe me an apology. Do not take up the gauntlett on my behalf. You are not my friend.

It's a shame that you misread my postings on When Hospitals Kill. If you thought it was a flirtatious exchange, rather than that I was making a serious case and at the same time, taking the opportunity to beat a socialist up, that tells me you have reading comprehension problems or an ego problem.

As to problem eaters like Dawn French, I find fat people revolting. There's no excuse for packing on lard.

I would appreciate it if you would restrain yourself from making overly-imaginative personal comments.

Anonymous said...

John T:

At least if you were drunk you would have had an excuse for last night's senseless ramblings.

The fact that you were sober suggests that you are an idiot, as I thought.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Anonymous said...

Verity, you didn't beat me up, or change my mind about The Welfare State.There is no serious case for abolishing it, only a deeply regressive one. When I said "flirtatious" I was pulling your leg, just like Wrinkled Weasel was. A lot of what I say is not to be taken personally,(you may regard it as rubbish, but it's not meant to be offensive) and I will use my imagination as I see fit. I'd apologise for any offence caused by my "personal" remarks, but I don't much care to, since your hostility towards me suggests it would mean nothing anyway. I trust you were referring to the two deleted obscene posts when you referred to "low I.Q.", and not to my comments. James mistakenly thought you were, (my inference), and I wanted to clear that up.
I always stick up for minorities, however mis-guided I consider them to be, and whether they want me to or not. I know your beliefs make sense to you, as mine to me, and your voice needs to be heard (I made the point to "Sea Shanty" earlier).
I've enjoyed this thread because it was a subject that was not to do with political party differences. I'm more interested in how people communicate than in what they communicate, and that's why I haven't tried to find a site that is more akin to my beliefs. I believe this thread has contained a reasonably diverting series of posts from a number of people,including you, and I much prefer this to the barrage of witlessness I read elsewhere.

Tip of the day : You see, the level of idiocy is consistent in my messages no matter whether I've had a couple of G & T's and a glass wine.
As a matter of courtesy, I have to say I'm off now, but will check back to see if I have provoked a response to-morrow.

Anonymous said...

John T:

Tell the truth

You clocked off this thread, so you could watch England vs France like the rest of us.

I'm Scottish and even I was cheering Jonny - et al - on.

I'll leave you with two tips of the day...

(1) Don't annoy, patronise or try to schmooze Verity. She doesn't like approaches like these. Say what you believe and, if she agrees with you, she'll say so. If not, then stand your ground, but be sure of your facts. Verity has a lot of friends on Iain's blog and I'm one of them.

(2) I was once taught that the ideal length of a paragraph is no more than 6 lines...something to do with digesting a point of view. Try breaking your postings into paragraphs and then more readers will feel inclined to read what you have to say.

So, John T, no great provocation of response, but hopefully some friendly advice that will be taken in the spirit in which it has been given.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you Jonathan Hemlock, good points, the second one I'll try to apply. My wife's Scottish, so my departure was in fact to witness Scotland's football performance.

I have no intention of compromising my "shmoozing" , as you put it. It's just my style, and I'm like that with everyone on here, apart from the most obtuse and witless. I have described Verity's invective as "gin-soaked" - hardly schmoozing, I'd have thought.

If what I have to say is of no interest, then fine.

I don't think Verity much cares for my opinions, but I think I'm closer to Cameron than she is, politically. I wonder how many of her friends on this site are with her on the abolition of the welfare state?

I do appreciate the time you took to address me, and I understand where you're coming from. it makes it bearable to have to read the disrespectful rubbish from idiots like "Tip of the Day"