Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ed Balls Loses it with IDS

If you are working in the Labour Party press office you'll be interested in this. It is proof positive that Ed Balls should never be let near a TV studio again. Just watch those bulging eyes!

I'll make a prediction. Whenever the next election comes, Ed Balls will play a major role in losing it. He is the most over-rated politician in British politics - with the possible exception of ... [stop it, you may live to regret it]


The Creator said...

Is this man actually human?

He is certainly extremely rude.

A PR disaster and instant vote loser.

Anonymous said...

And of course IDS ( The Quiet One ) is a political Colossus.

AnyoneButBrown said...

...compared to Balls IDS is a political Colossus.
In fact, compared to Balls, my old mum is a political colossus.

I do hope Balls is fronting Brown on this weeks Question Time.....

Anonymous said...

IDS trying to look presidential, I’m still laughing my socks off. IDS came off worse; he continually butts in, tries to look masterful, but near the end has to most smug grin I have ever seen. And even worse this footage is over a week old.

Thatcher visited the troops after the Falklands, then call an early election.

Madasafish said...

Definition of a tw#t? Ed Balls (up)

Anonymous said...

"Thatcher visited the troops after the Falklands, then call an early election."

Actually Margagret Thatcher had all of her elections in four year cycles. She could have called the election immediately after the Falklands War and won an even bigger majority. As for your criticism of IDS. He was absolutely spot on. Remeber, unlike Balls, Brown and the rest of the Labour shower who were out protesting on the streets, IDS actually served in uniform and knows when the troops are being exploited.

Anonymous said...

anon Onan: "even worse this footage is over a week old."

Those were the glory days, eh? Back when Gordon Brown was thought of as a politician of substance, a master of all he surveyed, back when a bottle of Gordon's was....

Anonymous said...

David Icke was right.
Ed Balls is a reptilian shape shifter - LOOK AT THOZZZZZE EYESSSSZZZZZ

Anonymous said...

IDS seems have brought in a badly-trained poodle into the studio and has trouble controlling his yaps and ankle bites.

Brown turned up in Basra to "meet the generals" but oddly made his reheated announcement the moment he landed. Before he could meet anyone. Oh dear.

Anyway, one bitten, twice shy. We know Brown's media manipulation is as bad as ever and we're onto him this time. New Labour, old ways.

Anonymous said...

OK… The IHT Tory argument has been lost. 200,00 Doms to pay for it.

It is obvious that figure is nonsense. So what do you do? I’ve said it once and I will say it again. This is the Tory tactic from Caulson in HQ.

When the argument is lost, you divert from the argument, called a “counter-message” Ie there are not 200,000 Doms to cover IHT, so rant on about how the government didn’t know how many Doms there are. If they don’t know how the hell do you. And if you don’t know its pretty dangerous to the economy to promise a tax cut based on such dubious numbers.

Anonymous said...

I’m really enjoying this. There is nothing more nauseating that a Tory with its Tail up. Smugness personified. IDS was pretty poor, and for the next 2 years he will be put back in his box; his 24 months of work on his commission shelved.

You have 2 more years, of economic growth, lower inflation, lower interest rate within12 months, more jobs, more cash in the treasury coffers, the ID card system close to delivery, and the NHS IT system completed. More important in 12 months time a democrate will be in the White House.

Enjoy your little media nonsense

Man in a Shed said...

You can spot the Labour party media training.

Never let you opponent finish a sentence, keep saying rubbish. All the New Labour clones are like this.

Its the lack of humility shouting down a man who has really served his country that is most objectionable.

Anonymous said...

I’m really enjoying this.

not as much as we are, chum. Brown has had a pasting all over the park, the guardian - the guardian is putting the Tories on level polling at worst and Labour has just been caught getting civil servants o do their dirty work again

keep it up, trolls, it's hilarious. Better than Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

Alex said...

The fiure on no Doms is entirely plausible. With gross immigration at over 500,000 a year (i.e. not the figure quoted net of emigrants) and with any British citizen born abroad qualifying, (i.e children born while parents were working abroad) and so many foreign workers in the City, it is surprising that the figures aren't higher.

It is also surprising that the Conservatives are not stressing how badly the economy is doing based on fundamental economic measures. Ranking the top 15 nations based on balance of trade as a % of GDP, budget surpluses/deficits and interest rates (average of short and long term rates) - the basic indicators reported every week in the Economist - the UK comes out 14th, just behind Greece and ahead of India.

Anonymous said...

I just love how Balls reacts when IDS taps him on the knee, priceless!

Ex-Pat Alfie said...

Its just one more load of Balls courtesy of Cyclops.
Ex-Pat Alfie

Anonymous said...

anon Onan: "More important in 12 months time a democrate will be in the White House"

George Bush will still be in the White House in October 2008 - and, yes, he's so dumb I guess he might need a demonstration crate to show him what packing is all about...

Idiot boy. Haven't you got a country to ruin, Mr Balls?

Newmania said...

Phew ...hard to keep up today Iain....awesome blogging

Anonymous said...

. . . .David Cameron.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12-45. There will not be a Democrat in the White House..there will be Ron Paul. Then all of you welfare/warfare neo-commies will be well and truly f*cked.

Peter Mc said...

An overactive thyroid and no manners. What an unfortunate combination.

Jenny Scott did well not to threaten to slap his legs for continuous interrupting.

Newmania said...

hanYou have 2 more years, of economic growth, lower inflation, lower interest rate within12 months

Making 17 in total, including the first five under Major when the work that made this possible was done. It is true that great prosperity has been delivered by the low tax private sector global economy and not , of course , by Brown’s incompetent bumbling. You misunderstand the relevance of the dip in fortunes . It shows to the bystander what we all knew . None of this has anything to do with Labour , as they have been keen to point out . How could it possibly?
WE have £30 billion budgeted to bribe the Scots with English money
£20 billion for useless ID cards noone wants (£5 billion says brown...wanna bet)
NHS computer disaster...you are proud of this ?

What the anon seems to be saying is that Brown will have plenty of time to let everyone forget that he has made a dogs breakfast of everything he has touched with tax Credits the most shining tribute to the god of cock ups. He has , thus far spun along with fake academies , fake coastal police, un costed promises and Blairite posturing . He has discovered from the IHT wave that the country does not like his statist assumptions and when he climbs down as he must do he will have lost the fundamental argument of his claim to government . For how long will the dead eyed socialists that saw him as “ the spirit of labour “ put up with the betrayal ?

Better still having winked at the Unions that he was their man for years he has run out of money to steal from working families and has to say’ no’. We can expect a run of Public sector strikes and I look forward of more character from the 1970s reappearing like scouse hard man “... Billy Hayes, general secretary of the Communications Workers Union”

You entirely underestimate the tension ten years of theft have set up. IHT is just the styart there are more counters to be pushed on the tax board yet.

Not a sheep said...

anonymous 12:45 - "You have 2 more years, of economic growth, lower inflation, lower interest rate within12 months, more jobs, more cash in the treasury coffers, the ID card system close to delivery, and the NHS IT system completed. More important in 12 months time a democrate will be in the White House."

Do you actually believe any of that?

"You have 2 more years, of economic growth" - Your definition of economic growth please? Will this "growth" be at the level predicted by Gordon Brown in his last prediction, or the previous one, or lower?

"lower inflation" - On which measure, the real one or the government's preferred artificially lower one?

"lower interest rate within12 months" - In order to keep the economy from collapsing you may well be right with this one.

"more jobs" - Real jobs or pretend jobs to massage the figures down?

"more cash in the treasury coffers" - If you raise taxes then that is possible, although as the economy falters tax revenues do naturally drop, so the tax rises may have to be rather punitive.

"the ID card system close to delivery" - On budget? If so which budget. How close to delivery? How popular?

"the NHS IT system completed." - Now I know you are delusional...

"More important in 12 months time a democrate will be in the White House." - I presume you mean a "Democrat", a democrat is already in the White House, he was elected in a democratic election. Assuming you mean a Democrat as President, then unless something very odd happens and both George Bush and Dick Cheney die together leaving Nancy Pelosi "in power" then I think you will find that the 44th President or the United States of America would not take the oath as President until January 2009, probably the 17th of that month.

Anonymous said...

It makes my blood boil that Brown and his stooges forced out Tony Blair so that we can now witness this farce that is unfolding before us.

After just 100 days it is obvious that Brown is an incompetent oaf not fit to lick Blair's boots and as for Balls, Dear God in Heaven, the man is a total shambles and patently unfir for high office.

There's worse. Have you seen that woeful creature Ed Miliband recently? Andy Burnham? Doug Alexander? Give me strength!!

The Labour Party signed it's own suicide note when we allowed the egotistical, scheming maniac Brown and his band of tame cretins to take us over.

Things will only get considerably worse under this lot and our only hope is to get Brown out before the next election.

That may seem most unlikely at the moment but, believe me, when the economy goes on the slide next year today's murmurings in the Party against Brown will become a crescendo.

Wrinkled Weasel said...
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Anonymous said...

Anon 12:45

You have 2 more years...
more cash in the treasury coffers, [tax increases]
the ID card system close to delivery,[state control]
and the NHS IT system completed. [more state control]

Stop it, you're scaring me!

Anonymous said...

You all pretend that you are serious political analyists. But actually care more (and spend more time) talking about what people look or sound like.

I'm trying to work out how any of you differ from people who vote for someone because they look "like a lovely man".

Anonymous said...

I watched this - there was a point when Balls defended himself saying this was said last year(about non-doms) - in fact they were referring to ?'s in May of this year - no-one picked it up at the time - if anyone has the whole session I promise it is there.. As for Labour trolls in this group - they, like the rest of their ilk can see that the public purse will end up being treated with respect - not as a bottomless pit of money to use indiscriminately at times an rather foolishly at others.. josephine in Eastbourne
ps. I always laugh at the fawning sycophantic eyes blinking way Eddie boy looks at the "Feartie fi Fife" - ah! I think, how "sweet"...

Anonymous said...

Blimey they both act like a couple of twats, Balls is obviously trying not to blink too much and IDS couldn't help looking smug after each time he butted in. Pathetic on both their parts, not just Balls.

Dr Blue said...

"You have 2 more years, of economic growth, lower inflation, lower interest rate within12 months, more jobs, more cash in the treasury coffers, the ID card system close to delivery, and the NHS IT system completed. More important in 12 months time a democrat will be in the White House."

You are living in a new Labour dreamland. (Fantasy Island?)

We are overtaxed, mis-measured excessively, and falsely.

The idea the NHS computer system will work will earn you some time in a psychiatric ward...if any are left open in the wonderful contracting but more expensive NHS.

Anonymous said...

"I'll make a prediction. Whenever the next election comes, Ed Balls will play a major role in losing it."

Nooooo - not another Iain Dale prediction. It all started with:

"I get a feeling things are swinging back back to us in Bromley". 24 hours later we came within 600 votes of losing the seat.

Then on 20th January we had a picture of you "eatng your hat" after another Mystic Meg disaster: http://iaindale.blogspot.com/2007/01/its-manchester-hat-eating-begins.html

Since then we have had THREE different General Elecion predictions.

Britain's top blogger you might be. Dorris Stokes you are not.

xyz said...

Balls is all mouth & no trousers. On this performance he takes first place ahead of Hazel Blears as "Babbler of the Years"!

Anonymous said...

To summarise Ed Balls remarks: "Yakkety yak, don't talk back".

Because the camera shot was a close up it wasn't easy to see whether his pants were on fire....

Anonymous said...

IDS gets my vote everytime over Blinkey Balls

Anonymous said...

NOT a Sheep at 1:19 said:

"the NHS IT system completed." - Now I know you are delusional...

No my company works on the programme.

The PACS digital xray system, has been rolled out.

The choice and book GP systems are rolled out.

The GP to GP links are delivered

The Bowel screening and breast screening programmes are on pilot.

The Electronic Prescription Service is on line.

The Smartcard registration process for NHS staff is currenly been rolled out.

The N3 NHS Private Broad Band Network is in place.

I could go on....

The Creator said...

If you want to see Balls as his most odiously and smugly creepy, take a look at this


Pass the sick bag, Alice

Anonymous said...

There were two disgraceful issues about the PM's visit to Iraq.

First, the obvious political alchemy by being seen with our boys in the theatre of danger which is their daily life. That was bad enough as it was clearly done for publicity.

Second, what was arguably even worse was the fudging of the figures for troop reductions. This was a plain LIE, Labour Spin at its worse, and fronted by a mendacious PM. Watch Paxman on Newsnight about a week ago savage Bob Ainsworth (?).

Then, the PM was asked by Cameron specifically about the figures with regard to troop reductions, ie: where WERE the troops he referred to. No answer of course, dodged it say 'my visit to the troops in Iraq should not be criticised..' bang the lectern.

Later, another Tory MP asked him to answer Cameron's question about the tropps. WHERE exactly were these troops, is it true they are already back in UK ?

Again - no answer.

This man Brown is just a LIAR. He has lied his way through politics and lied through the corridors of power.

The Lobby may be out to get him now after yesterday's lies. Time to take bets on short-trousered MIlliband taking over before too long, Brown is now damaged goods (and STILL a liar).

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Aren't all politicians overrated?

hatfield girl said...

The rip across the fabric, the entire texture, of political understanding and debate in the UK is portrayed here.

Once, until only 10 years ago, soldiers in the field were to be armed, supplied and whole-heartedly supported by the government and country without reservation - look again at the seriousness with which mobilisation for and reporting on the Falklands war was undertaken by state, political parties and the general public (whether or not the war was thought right, once it began we closed ranks around the troops).
Mr Duncan-Smith, a distinguished service record earned, continues in that view; Balls, ill-mannered, untutored and wholly alien to a major aspect of our culture, displays the self-serving, self-seeking political power game attitudes of his Leader. Ofcourse he cannnot understand why over 5000 beleaguered soldiers outside Basra should not be used for political exploitation and Labour Leader glorification; of course he tries to pretend that Brown is not responsible for the grotesque underfunding and supply of our forces and has sought to provide profit opportunities for private companies rather than take the national economy into democratically answerable expenditures.
This regime is locked into an ideology of class loathing and punishment for the ending of heavy industry in the UK; it is unable to visualize a political, economic and social world of co-operation and interdependent good. They and their tax-subsidized cohorts tear at the rest of us like the mad, eye-popping Balls.

Anonymous said...

Why does the fact that you served in the army mean that no-one is allowed to disagree with you?

Anonymous said...

IDS memorably urged the Tories never to underestimate "the quiet man", and to "unite or die". He quit in 2003 after losing a vote of confidence. What a star man he is…NOT. If he touched my knee I too would flinch.

So he served in the Military, this is a “my dad is bigger than your dad” argument, how pathetic.

Even funnier IDS great Military record saw him serve as a Scots Guardsman. Polishing, or in his case licking boots all day. What a Twat

Not a sheep said...

Anonymous 2:07pm : I assume that you are not Andrew Rollerson, the health care consultancy practice lead at Fujitsu who warned earlier this year that there was a risk that firms involved in the project would end up delivering "a camel and not the racehorse that we might try to produce".

He also said "What we are trying to do is run an enormous programme with the techniques that we are absolutely familiar with for running small projects. And it isn't working. And it isn't going to work"

He also said "There is a belief that the national programme is somehow going to propel transformation in the NHS simply by delivering an IT system. Nothing could be further from the truth. A vacuum, a chasm, is opening up."

Maybe you are familiar with the report in Computer Weekly magazine which revealed that there had been 200 "major incidents" over a four month period in hospitals where the system has "gone live".

One problem arose after a computer software upgrade installed in April started to produce 400 incorrect duplicates of patient records every day. The fault meant that the computer automatically created a new blank patient record without checking if one already existed.

Do the IT "professionals" working on this project not test "upgrades" before installing them in the "live" system?

What is the current estimated "final cost" of this project? How does that compare with the initial estimate?

Anonymous said...

At one of our largest local DGHs they are unable to get their new data systems to work properly so letters get automatically addressed to a patient's earliest home details on record, then they have to be gone through by hand, checking names against a list, then the envelopes have to be readdressed by hand - this system was explained to us 2 weeks ago.

Some regular hospital appt checkups are now being delayed for 9 months because there isn't the staff.

Houses aren't selling, flats aren't selling in Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester; hundreds of jobs are being lost in the City of London; both the country and the Government are massively, hugely in debt.

Anyone who thinks this is all good news needs their heads, no not examined, removed!

Madasafish said...

Well I watched the video. I must admit I disliked IDS .. not his personality - but his political naiveity.

I had never seen Ed Balls in action.

I don't think on balance either came out of it well. Both impatient and interrupting.

But I find Balls a weirdo.. in fact I would go so far as to say he has achieved a unique feat: he makes John Redwood look human. Well .. almost.

If I were GB, I'd lock him up and keep well away from TV cameras. A man who gives prats a bad name.

Anonymous said...

I thought one of the commentators on the Daily Mail site summed up Balls well with the remark: "He has something of the pond about him."

Anonymous said...

IDS clearly moved by genuine contempt for this government, which I share.

Jenny Scott did not handle this unseemly scuffle well; a girl sent to do a man's job, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

IDS - by a landslide.

Who was that bloke to Balls' left?

Not a sheep said...

Anonymous 2:07pm: Whilst you think about my previous reply, you might want to peruse this http://www.drrant.net/2007/10/victim-of-choice-tm.html and see how your marvellous system is being appreciated in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Those people criticising IDS for pointing out his servicve, how many actually served?

Without actually joining a British military service you cannot possibly understand enough to criticise his point. He was saying that he knows what the common threads through the service really are, and he knows what Brown and Balls conspicuously fail to understand.

The military are not civilians. There are fundamental differences that I remember, and IDS will remember, but that neither of us is any longer part of. We know how different we are now, even though I wok in an industry that evolved out of the military, and still has many aspects from that birth. I am a civilian, but I remember whn i was not.

Brown has never been a part of that; Balls has never been a part of that. How can they understand the betrayal that is their reprehensible use of lies about the forces?

Unknown said...

Brain as big as a planet - poor Ed!

Anonymous said...

"Who was that bloke to Balls' left?"


Anonymous said...

a pollster. thats why ed balls was so desperate

Anonymous said...

12.45 : NHS IT system is the biggest waste of money. It is OUTRAGEOUS. goodness only knows how many people could have been treated had it not been for the huge white elephant,

WAIT FOR IT: it I should think you could spend as much on the health of the ENGLISH as the SCOTTISH without it.

Anonymous said...

Response To: Not a Sheep at October 09, 2007 4:14 PM.

No I’m not Andrew Rollerson, but for the record are you that moron Richard “NHS WHINER” Bacon.

Anonymous said...

Not a sheep said...
Anonymous 2:07pm: Whilst you think about my previous reply, you might want to peruse this http://www.drrant.net/2007/10/victim-of-choice-tm.html and see how your marvellous system is being appreciated in the real world.

October 09, 2007 4:14 PM

WHAT, is this the best you can do, to counter measure, ( Counter Measure Department at Tory HQ ) my positive appraisal of the NHS Computer system programme, you have posted a link to another right wing ranting blogger as evidence. Oh dear.

Sorry to disappoint, but the CFH programme is currently moving at a lighting pace, and is delivering huge benefits in the NHS, saving time, money, resourses, and giving patients better choice and quicker treatments.

One of the biggest improvements is that GPs ability to fiddle their claims has been virtually killed off ( believe me they have been taking 100s of mill out of the NHS every year for decades, not anymore. Because accurate counts, and profiles of patient data are now stored electronically, the GP cannot claim to have more patients than he actually has. Difficult to prove if the GP hold 5000 hard copy records in his filling cabinet. A very common scam by GPs… And the Tories want to them run their own budgets. You may well just burn a couple of 100 mill now that put that in place.

Anonymous said...

Now we know why Brown bottled the election... He realised, at long last, that Balls is an electoral liability, at best, and that he has to get rid of him before he can go to the country. QED

Anonymous said...

Quite a spat. What was really good was how Jenny Scott let them get on with it. Why she isn't the BBC's Chief political Correspondent instead of that idiot Robinson is beyond me. Well done, Jenny - wind 'em up and let 'em go. The voters can draw their own conclusions.

Englishman said...

Very very disturbing how we have inept far left wing extremist communists like Ed Balls, Gordon Broon, Alistair Darling ruling, misruling England.

matt severn said...

englishman, the above cited names are about as far left as I'm guessing you are french.

Re: Ed Balls. He is obviously an unpleasant man, and is responsible for a lot of the nonsense that we have gotten from Brown these past few days. He reminds me of George Wigg or Norman Tebbit. Nasty political fixers who were soon ignored.