Monday, October 08, 2007

Answering Your Questions

More than 200 of you have left comments on the survey, so I thought I'd answer a few of your points...

Your banner picture does you no credit, Iain, the youthful, vigorous previous one suited your style better, imho. Cheers.
Well, thank you - I think. The whole blog will be redesigned before the end of the year, so the current banner is a very temporary one.

I'd like you to own up as to who is paying your wages. Honesty in politics is very important you know.
My main income comes from 18 Doughty Street. I am also paid for fortnightly columns in the Daily Telegraph and Eastern Daily Press as well as freelance broadcasting and writing work for the BBC, Sky and others. I also receive royalties for various books I have written/edited.

Can you get a mobile phone version of your website up? That would be very useful! AND Iain, I sometimes use a PDA to read your blog. Please can you arrange a /pda link so we don't have to download 300k each time we browse. ST
Good news! This facility should be working later on today. It was tested last night. So when you go onto your mobile phone you will get the text first. I'll post on the blog when it is ready and working.

I would like to see the page loading more quickly. I think you have too much stuff on one page and need inter page links.
This is an issue which many people have raised. It is a weakness within Blogger. I have already culled a few things from the front page, but I don't want to put the links elsewhere, as many people use my front page as a portal to go to other sites. I am trying to get the left hand column shifted to the right so the text will load first. Watch this space. Obviously when the site is redesigned and possibly moved away from Blogger, the issue will rectify itself.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that.

Cn you tell us a bit more about the redesign? What can we expect? Will readers be consulted?


Anonymous said...

what the hell has your income got to do with anybody?

Dave S

Scipio said...

Iain, why did you feel the need to be honest about where your wages come from?

Whilst I admire the fact that you answered it, I don't not feel that, as a private citizen, you should have felt the need to. It is none of our business frankly!

You are not an MP - and that is a different matter. There, every bean should be on display!

Unsworth said...

Actually Ian, the pages load pretty much as quickly as many others. Blogger ain't perfect but at least you're blogging somewhere. And - severe Brown Nose Warning here - I'd rather that you did than not at all.

Anonymous said...

Blogs are now a central part of politics and have a great deal of power. If you claim to represent patry opinion you are a politician. Therefore some bloggers need to do what Iain has been brave enought to do and say where their money comes from. Maybe Tim Montgomerie will do the same.

Anonymous said...

Pff, I prefer the newer photo. Your head looked too big on the old one.

Anonymous said...

I used to visit this site several times a day, but now only once or twice a week - it's just soo slooow often 2 minutes or more to load the front page - there's just far, far, too much clutter.
I can't help but think this will drastically affect the traffic to this site.