Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Survey Results: Who Are You?


Under 16 0.4%
16-25 18%
25-35 25%
35-45 22%
45-55 17%
55-65 14%
65-75 4%
Over 75 0.3%


Students 9%
Parliamentary researcher 5%
Lobbying/PR 6%
Retired 10%
IT 10%
Full time elected politician 1.4%
Small Business 8%
Print/Broadcast Media 5%


London 32.2%
East Anglia 6.9%
South East 17.7%
South 3.7%
South West 7.1%
West Midlands 5.5%
East Midlands 3.3%
North 3.6%
North West 6.6%
North East 4.0%
Scotland 5.3%
Wales 3.3%
Northern Ireland 0.9%

93% of you are in the UK. Leading other countries are USA, Ireland and France.


Ross said...

I'm pleased to see that only 0.4% of your readers are under 16. It would be depressing to think that schoolchildren had nothing better to do than getting involved in politics.

Anonymous said...

How many respondents were liars?

Anonymous said...

Re the 14% female response certainly for your purposes & possibly our interest an unweighted analysis would be worth undertaking.

So 1 female = 6 men.

Melissa might be happy!!!!

Anonymous said...

So many Researchers?

Vote Early - Vote Often.

Anonymous said...

Students 9%
Parliamentary researcher 5%
Lobbying/PR 6%
Retired 10%
IT 10%
Full time elected politician 1.4%
Small Business 8%
Print/Broadcast Media 5%

What do the rest of you do?

SimonW said...

"what do the rest of you do?"

Do a real wealth creating job!

Anonymous said...


Don't underestimate the wealth created by the 8% of us who run small businesses. We are likely to be rather more productive than those of you hidden in large organisations doing not very much - I know I've been there!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realise there were so many unemployed visitors to the site!

Slightly depressing to see the geographical stats - all of a sudden I feel very out-of-place...

Anonymous said...

where's Yorkshire?

Anonymous said...

Does this prove that IT people do so little work that they are equivalent to the retired?

Old BE said...

Seems like most of us are workshy - or was it that there weren't suitable categories for lawyers, accountants, etc.?

Anonymous said...

This is a strange one, I wonder if anyone can offer some clarification

Sedgefield and Ealing by elections. In Sedgefield the Conservative candidate is known as Graham Robb representing The Conservative Party; whereas Tony Lit is known as representing "David Cameron's" Conservatives. Are they two different party's. I think we should be told.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why anyone's surprised at the (implied) unemployed percentage. All these 5-times-a-day contributors whose lives seem to revolve around sticking their opinions on the blogs... hands up who thought they were partners of Slaughter & May or Goldmans.

We all know who you are. You are the ones wearing just your pants.

jailhouselawyer said...

anonymous 3.50: I think we should be told the content of the phone call received by Tom Watson in relation to Ealing and Southall by-election.

Hughes Views said...

49.9% from London and the South East eh? That's almost half in old money. No wonder you're all so cross.

I made one of my now-not-very-frequent-trips to the South East last week - it's largely pretty horrid isn't it? Much nastier than when I lived there. Now full of affluent looking people rushing about trying to ignore everyone else and huge cars mostly stuck in traffic.

It's the factory-farm end of Britain I'm afraid, thank goodness it's sinking - geology will provide the long-term answer to all your woes...

Anonymous said...

32.2% Londoners ! Nevertheless, with this site you don't need a street map of Ealing to keep up with the threads (unlike some we could mention)

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Now tell me, Iain, how is this information going to influence your blog?

BTW, there is a deafening silence on this blog over the Conrad Black story. Have your CIA paymasters been sending you memos again?

Anonymous said...

Only 2 age profiles to go, and then die.

Geezer said...

Nice to see I am errr... very typical!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you list all the other countries? Does Nomad post here? He's in Malaysia. Manfarang's in China.

Anonymous said...

Prague Tory's in ... errrr ... it's on the tip of my tongue ... and Istanbul Tory's in ... uh

Anonymous said...

i'm pleased to say that i'm the person with less than 16 years, and i live in south america(well, not a typical reader!!!)and ross f, your comment is very funny...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate the wealth created by the 8% of us who run small businesses. We are likely to be rather more productive than those of you hidden in large organisations

Good point, Anon. Over 99.9% of all businesses are SMEs and we employ 50-60% of UK's workforce.

More and more SMEs, however, are having the life crushed out of them by the collective efforts of Govt and the Giant corps.

Many of the giant corps who's COEs are big nulab donors have effectively bought huge power.

Govt has accordingly produced legislation to suit the corps. Emasculating the controls on Monopolies, for example, enabling the corps to grow to an extent which necessarily involves unfair competition and which destroys smaller companies.

This out of control growth of less than half of UKs businesses (many of them not UK's any longer either) increases their power to suck the blood of their SME suppliers too - and not only that of small farm suppliers, suppliers in all sectors.

This runaway growth of the giants will increase unemployment too, as the giants' operations are far more mechanised. So they will never take up the slack of unemployment created by the SME closures the giants are so often responsible for.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

I don't recall - was there a tickbox for 'Axe-Murdering Tedious Bore' for "jailhouselawyer" to click on?

Anonymous said...

Auntie Flo' - agreed and Britain is either intentionally being navigated into turbulent and dangerous waters, or by accident or stupidity.

Geoff - I didn't notice such a box. Nowhere to tick for Axe-Murderer Hoping to Make A Career as Media Personality. Nope. Didn't see one.

Manfarang said...

I am in Thailand.

Anonymous said...

Gissa job

are you a bond trader?

Anonymous said...

As one of the 8%, it is difficult not to feel like public enemy No1.

This is because small business is PUBLIC ENEMY No1, for any Fascist government, this one included.

As AF indicates directly employing people, not in your own family, is now the most "criminally" stupid thing a person could possibly do to their entire exsistence.

Take my word for that or possibly lose your house and your sanity finding out for yourself.