Sunday, July 29, 2007

Boffing Boris

Andrew Boff is one of the three other contestants fighting Boris for the Conservative London mayoral nomination. Read a very lengthy interview with him HERE in PinkNews.


Kris said...

I don't understand Andrew. He runs for mayor of hackney, yet one never saw him anywhere. Same for the conservative candidates in my ward.

In fact, I thought by joining Hackney Conservatives, I'd be clued up as to where their meetings took place. Nothing!

How in the hell does the Scarlet Pimpernel of Hackney intend to get elected?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Oh god, not another poof.

Matt said...

Seems pretty clear where Pinknews are intending to put their X in the ballot paper. It is deeply disappointing that they can manage to suppress their knowledge of Livingstone's physical and political embrace of a hate monger who believes that gay men should be crucified in exchange for some cash for the Gay Pride event. Mind you it is also appalling how the dedicated anti racists manage to suppress their knowledge of Livingstone's rampant anti semitism too just because he employs the likes of Lee Jasper and embraces the aforementioned hate monger.Livingstone really is the living embodiment of gross hypocrisy.

Sea Shanty Irish said...

IF instead of handing out ASBOS to yobs & other criminals, the wigged ones were to sentence malafactors to "boff Boris Johnson" . . . well, think that would be an INCREDIBLY effective deterent.

Of course the bleeding hearts will claim that this is cruel and unusual punishment . . . and they'll be right!

BUT it would have the affect of straightening out a lot of troubled young offenders. Or maybe not.

Helen said...

There do not seem to be any proposals in that mish-mash Boff has come up with. Just precisely how is he going to make citizens' initiatives on which other Londoners vote legally binding on the Mayor? And why should Londoners in Hackney, for instance, vote on on initiatives in Hillingdon?

Andrew Boff said...

Helen - The reason that it will be binding on the Mayor is that if it happens then ...erm .. I will be Mayor and I will do what I'm told.
For this reason, initiatives could only address the powers of the Mayor, not the Boroughs. I would hope that legislation will soon follow to allow for this kind of direct democracy in the Boroughs.
This "mish mash" was never a statement of my programme, it was a chat. The programme will be revealed in time.

Helen said...

Dear Andrew Boff

You do know about the GLA Bill that is going through Parliament, I take it. What the Mayor does is controlled by that piece of legislation. It is an amendment of the previous Act. So, no, it isn't just what you say goes, even if this was a bit of a chat.

Andrew Boff said...

The policy is that any item within the remit of the Mayor can be subject to a voter's intitiative. There is no point in having an inititave over which the mayor has no power.
If the people of London were dissatisfied with a policy I was pursuing, they could use the initiative precedure to change that.
Until legislation is in place, which I will be drafting once elected, the commitment would be that I would do whatever the outcome of the initiative was.
You can see a further explanation at