Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hoby: A New Era Has Begun, Has It Not?

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Anonymous said...

Rumour has it: Conservative Central Office have started building an Ark!

Anonymous said...

No, not a new Era -- unfortunatly the Tories are stilll as incompetent in opposition as ever, Labour probably improved with the change to Brown -- if only because it cannot get worse than it was already.

Baying to make Cannabis even more illegal than it already is on the strenght of Mickey Mouse science[1] and so helping terrorists and criminals fill their pockets whilst poisoning millions of Brits, more rows over schooling or shall we say, the hounding of the gifted kids as the new 'class enemy' who should not dare to excel too much -- what message are you trying to send to the electorate? Do you think people are that desperate to get rid of Labour that any poor performance is 'good enough'?

It's not so hard to sink Labour (they are trying their best to help) but with the current Tory offerings... my money goes on Labour being in power for a long time to come.

:( :( :(

UK politics is like a bad fish'n'chip shop -- plenty of 'food' on offer, but none of it is edible if you don't want to get sick and poisoned.

[1] So many new 'cannabis addicts' where there were none before -- could that be connected to the Therapy industry making a fat packet out of snake oil and quackery, 'curing' a condition that is not mentioned in any medical textbook?

Anonymous said...

"Stick that on one of your Focus leaflets" .... but don't smoke it in a public place!

Anonymous said...

"Conservative Central Office have started building an Ark!"

to be financed by a PFI?

Paul Evans said...

Really enjoy Hoby, the latest one is excellent.

goodfornowt said...

As Melanie Phillips has pointed out, on BBC TV's Question Time Sayeeda Warsi, the Tories new communities spokesman, refused to condemn the killing of British troops in Iraq.

A Conservative front bench spokesman refusing to condemn the killing of British troops!

Sounds like a new era to me.

Anonymous said...

Hoby - Brilliant!
How very apt!

Anonymous said...

I thought I would find a sparsely occupied thread to mention this: I see that David Cameron had dinner with Madonna.

Words fail me.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't surprised by Dave's dinner engagement.Isn't Guy Ritchies' Stepmother, Shireen, Chairperson for Candidates Committee ? So hence the connection I imagine. ? Madonna rarely entertains at home and the invite was apparently something of an honour however dubious a one. I suppose Dave and Samantha were curious to see inside her house like most of us probably would be given the chance. (if only to slag it off later to our mates)

Anonymous said...

The Blair Legacy Lives - Why would one be curious about the interior of Madonna's house? It wouldn't be like going into a house whose owner was cultivated and had taste.

Do you really, really think that David Cameron and his wife, related to families with vast piles, wanted to see the interior of a pop star's home? This is the kind of invitation Tony Blair.

Cameron thought it would give him cred with Tory-voting hoodies, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I love Hoby's work, but I wish to heaven he'd update more regularly than once every whenever-s/he-feels-like it!! :)

Anonymous said...

Good for Now - Has she been reprimanded?

What were her qualifications to be chosen for her new position, anyway?