Sunday, July 08, 2007

LibDem Blogger Praises Ealing Tory Candidate & More...

Susanne Lamido's Suz Blog is a LibDem blog worth reading. It's, er, very pink, but highly entertaining in its up front honesty. I was told some months ago that she had been chucked out of the LibDems but she still bangs the LibDem drum. However, she seems to have caused a bit of a stir today by praising Tony Lit, the Tory candidate in the Ealing Southall by-election. On her blog today, she criticised the Labour candidate and then wrote this...
By comparison the Tory candidate Tony Lit, is swathe, charismatic and oozes confidence. They have certainly scored a blinder by selecting him. I don't know much about him either but from chats with Asian friends, his Sunrise Radio is the only station many of them listen to. Several close Asian LibDems have also made the same point. Who will win the by-election is anybody's guess at the moment. The polls vary depending on which you look at. It is presumed Labour will win given the Brown factor and the respect the community had for the former MP Piara Khabra (deceased). However the Tony Lit factor will eat into both the Labour and LibDem vote and we may see some surprises.

She's also done a blog post on the LibDem candidate in Sedgefield, Greg Stone, HERE. Greg is the brains behind Labour Watch, a site which has curiously been taken down. The LibDem campaign launch was disrupted by Labour thugs who have apparently taken none to kindly to Greg Stone. Indeed, he seems very nervous about being linked to his own website at all. I guess the experience of Jody Dunn and her Hartlepool by election blog is giving him a few sleepless nights. I hate to break it to Greg but someone, somewhere will have a cached version of the site. So precious has Greg become over his blog that he has asked Suz Blog to remove all mention of it. He emailed her to say...
Any chance you could do me a favour and take down your post on me being the
Sedgefield candidate? After the Hartlepool experience of Jody I'm not
particularly keen to draw attention to Labour Watch...... Labour sites are
already linking to your post and I'd rather not give them the ammunition!

Hmmm. Too late.


Anonymous said...

Small earthquake in Peru - not many dead.

Newmania said...

Suz will be thrilled at her new fame . I have a distinct feeling that she is migrating to the Conservative side .

1 She seems quite nice
2 She has a sense of humour

Anonymous said...


"Suave", perhaps?

New Lib Dems, new vocab :-)

Chris Paul said...

swathe? ah I see OP got there first

what did Suz say about naughty Nigel?

the LD candidate they don't seem to be blogging about

Anonymous said...

the words 'barrell' and 'bottom' are coming to mind Iain.

Anonymous said...

"I hate to break it to Greg but someone, somewhere will have a cached version of the site."

Correct. Google.

Google Search on ""

Just press the cached links and it all comes up.

Anonymous said...

Odd that a blogger wouldn't want to be identified with their own blog. Surely Stone isn't worried about undue attention and scrutiny? What a bottler :)

Anonymous said...

I tried to click on the link for this site about Stone from 'Sedgefield Lib Dems'(who they?) and the content has been scrubbed clean, cache or no cache..

Links (Cllr Greg Stone)
[Labour Watch - Top 10 Political Blog run by the mysterious Inamicus] ... Published and promoted...

Anonymous said...

Can't blame the guy, look at the difference between public and private persona.He's fat and sounds about as local as The Fast Show's "we're geordies damt ya know" sketch

Man in a Shed said...

Odd -Yellow Peril disappeared a while ago also.

Someone preparing the ground for a lib Lab pack again ?

Gareth said...

So Moron's new politics is not to be consensual but to be even more vicious and vindictive than his predecesser eh? Quel surprise given the man's serious personality flaws.
well Gordo I'm a serving member of HM forces and think you're a cunt who hates us with a passion. As I'm approaching the end of my career I guess I'm in two places. Like many of your humungously bloated civil service (who needs a pension scheme?) I owe the government.

Or do I? As a member of the Armed Forces with 28 years service, I think I've given more to than I've taken from my country but it's not my call. Care to compare my to yours only fairly recently acquired pension? Am I allowed one as someone who has consistently declared his willingness to die for his country as opposed to one who has destroyed pensions except his own?

Myt friends and I would die for our 60M compatriots and, if told, even for you, it's what we do and we are proud feel like that. In a very "Britishness"sort of way of course. NOT, it's because we really care about Britain not because we belatedly profess to sort of understand "Britain" because it's politically expedient!
But you send us to war in a way you'd not even begin to comprehend because you send us there with alacrity but NEVER turn up to see us coming back, alive or dead. And you consistently fail to fund us to the levels of commitment you and your chum Tony expect us to perform. That was fun as Chancellor no doubt, a death = £2M I'm well in credit. But as PM you must understand that we don't trust you and we don't like you. Sure there are no votes in Defence per se, but let me assure you there are votes in failure, we are seriously cusping a Suez and you are the head honcho, go figure!

I hate you and what you've done to us and your impending CSR is going to fecking destroy us. Indeed as a Navy man I know we're going to be completely and utterly shafted! Even Lord Drayson is worried about the next CSR and he apparently works for you!

Apparently you've set up a unit in the MoD to hunt down bloggers like me. Nice guy eh? Confident in your own abilities. My Arse, you no hoper. Come find me!!

We keep you safe but you have consistently under funded us for ten years, thanks mate,love you too. You'll probably do me instead of ARRSE 'cos it's almost official and therefore got generals protecting it but I haven't. I'm clearly a typical Gordon target.

Bring it on.

Do you want to expose me or thank me? Your call Gordon.

Tristan said...

A bit disingenuous to refer to SuzBlog as a LibDem blog when she's not a member of the party having been expelled for various abuses.

She probably thinks the LibDem candidate is part of the gay mafia she's so concerned about.

Anonymous said...

I was canvassing for the Lib Dems at the weekend (in a primarily Asian area) and was pleasantly surprised to find that Lit, although reasonably well known, is widely regarded as a bit of a smarmy 'flash git' whose main talent is self-promotion. Never met the guy myself so can't comment. But he is far from the local hero he is being sold as by some.