Sunday, November 19, 2006

Victoria Cross Heroes on Channel 5 at 8pm Tonight

If you're at home this evening at 8pm you might want to tune into the first episode in a new three part series on Channel 5 looking at the history of the Victoria Cross. It accompanies the BOOK by Michael Ashcroft which was published a couple of weeks ago, which I had a small hand in helping with.


Johnny Norfolk said...

In the old days you would have expected the BBC to run programms like this. But of course it may make you proud of your country and that would no do for the BBC.

Thanks for the reminder Iain I will be sure to watch.

James Higham said...

This is more than interesting. Is there some online version which could be accessed for expats - maybe a transcript or something?

Anonymous said...

This will be the same Mr. Ashcroft that buys every VC that comes to market, will it? As you seem to have some knowledge on the subject, Iain, do you know whether his ambitions for this collection are to leave them to he nation - or are they merely an investment portfolio?

If the latter, it does leave a somewhat unpleasant smell hanging in the air - publicising the heroic deeds of the bravest of the brave, in order to bump up the value of an investment he has made...

Iain Dale said...

Lord Ashcroft is looking for a permanent home to exhibit the collection so the Public can see it too. Rather than carp at him you might take the opposite point of view in that he has does a great service to the nation by keeping them in the country. As I understand it they are owned by a Trust which will mean they are held in trust for the nation.

If you saw the programme you would realise how ridiculous your final paragraph is.

Anonymous said...


I'm one of the supporting actors on this series. It was a day's work on a Somerset beach.

I do feel that this is a series that the BBC would have done very well indeed.

I watched the first 5 or so minutes of the first episode last Sunday. It seemed to me to have been put together very cheaply.

I wasn't too happy. That's life for an actor. And maybe I'll never work again for having said it. However, in my opinion the subject deserved better.

Thinking about it, it isn't a great surprise to me that, in part, it's a promo for a book.