Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kirkhope Re-elected Leader of Tory MEPs

According to Timothy Kirkhope has been re-elected as leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament. See HERE. Sir Robert Atkins was elected his deputy. Anyone got the voting figures? And did they face opposition?


Serf said...


Call me old fashioned but I would have preferred a conservative.

Anonymous said...


oppo was put up by Chris H-H for leader and Martin Callanan for Dep. Shame - met oth of these guys and they are top down to earth people - would have been good to have them shake things up (see MC's policy on travel expenses as reference)

then again, shouldn't be surprised that people like Richard Ashworth were spineless and voted for teh status quo - doing otherwise really would have been a turkey/christmas scenario.... just wonder if the next Euro elections may see wholesale changes to those included on the list.....

Anonymous said...

Nigel Farage must be licking his lips as the Conservative delegation to the EU Parliament digs a bigger and bigger hole.

If the same MEP's are reselected, the Euro elections will be a Conservative bloodbath. I don't see why David Cameron seems to be volunteering for an electoral drubbing in 2009. It's the one part of the Cameron regime that doesn't make any sense.

And William Hague's fingerprints are detectable at every turn.

Anonymous said...

Is Robert Atkins any good these days? he was utterly hopeless as a minister Only there because he was mates with the PM - John Major's very own Charlie Falconer, except without the brains or charm. I didn't realise they'd shipped him off to Brussels - shows how little the Tory's care about the effectiveness of their team in Europe.

Ryan Newell said...

I think Farage will be very pleased with the Tories choice for leader in Europe.
More defections to come I think