Thursday, December 03, 2009

What Mandy Means...

The fact that Peter Mandelson has "let it be known" that he wanted the EU High Representative job tells us one thing.

He doesn't believe Labour can win the election.



Libertarian said...

Not reporting on the Tories reneging on yet another promise.

No longer scrapping RDA's just rename, bigger budget

No new prisons

No bonfire of Quango's Tories set to create 18 new ones

I wouldn't speculate on Mandy not winning too much If I were you, because the tories will not be forming the next government

JuliaM said...

Does anyone..?

Gallimaufry said...

Mandelson knows that, post Lisbon Constitution, jobs in the British Cabinet aren't worth a washer and that real power is channelled into Brussels from Paris and Berlin.


Mandelson is nothing more than a political mercenary.

He goes where he sees the chance of influence and money.

He'd join UKIP tomorrow if it would line his pockets.

Jeff999 said...

Or, alternatively, it tells us that he wants to be the EU High Representative

Englishman said...

'Lord' Mandy get a job in the EU?, he has never stopped working for the EU, Broon is also working for the EU as Bliar was/is, the job?, sign England over to the EU carved up into "Regions", with Scotland, Wales and N Ireland each being nothing but an EU "Region" in their entirety, each coming in Brussels easy bite size.

George said...

Not quite Iain.

Mandy goes where the power is, and post-Lisbon its all vested in Brussels. The Prince is just expressing his wish to be at the power-base, now that Westimister has been castrated.
Pure mercenary self-interest.
He will however remain a slimy, oily opponent.

Tube_Thumper said...

Pooh-Bah Mandelson sounded more like Rory Bremner taking him off on the Today programme.

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Tube_Thumper said...

Jim Naughtie Called Mandy Pooh Bah on the today programme this morning. The description of the Mikado character suits him to a tee. If you dont know what it is google it its hilarious

He sounded more like Rory Bremner doing him.

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Dave H said...

Did you hear him on Today this morning?

Mandy: I think we’ve taken this discussion, if you don’t mind my saying, as far as it will go.

JN: Lord Mandelson, thank you.

Mandy: Bye-Bye.

Digitagit said...

Oh dear....complacency seems to be setting in. No-one should write off Mandy – he’s the most effective political operator around and has the capacity to inflict massive damage on the Tories.

Watching PMQ’s yesterday, I had the same feeling I get when England have a second half lead in the quarter finals and you just know that they’re going to get turned over and end up losing on penalties....

We desperately need to be rid of this mendacious and discredited government and while I certainly don’t wish to offer any comfort to Quietzapple or the other Labour trolls who pop up here, it’s hard to disagree with Alastair Campbells blog post: .

When is Cameron actually going to start taking the fight to Labour by offering a rigorous and cogent critique of the multitudinous failings and deceits of the government and by setting out a clear and appealing alternative (for all the hardship we know is coming)? Who, aside from Gove, Coulson and a small handful of like minds, is advising Cameron and adding substance to the message? Why isn’t more being made of Clark and Hague? Who’s telling Ashcroft and Goldsmith to put their affairs in order? Where’s the rebuttal unit?

Instead of a sober and authoritative Prime Minister-in- waiting, in the past couple of weeks Cameron has appeared shrill and immature. Does he really think that talking about Health and Safety is going to persuade the electorate to vote for him? And don’t get me started on Osborne.

Iain – we know you’re not in Dave’s inner circle, but can you enlighten us? It's just to awful to think that you (the Tories) are going to fuck this up...

Anonymous said...

Explains why Douglas Alexander looked like he had done something in his pants yesterday at PMQs! lol

You can tell a lot by peoples body language - some of the Lib Dem MPs looked as though they were heading for the knackers yard as well!

Douglas Alexander is unlikely to lose his seat so it must be through his role of election co-odinator that he has seen the private polling showing the PLP of 2010 will be massively deminished!

Hopefully the Lib Dems are heading for a Yellow Taxi Screnrio!

Michael Heaver said...

You're severely underestimating the quality of the posh dinners in Brussels Iain!

Bond007 said...

Nobody with an ounce of intelligence believes that Labour will will the next election

Anonymous said...

Digitadit - what a load of cobblers.

just one for instance
Cameron queries Britain being 'best placed' to come out of the recession - as claimed at the time buy Brown - by pointing out we are the only G20 country still in recession.

All Brown can do is say Spain is still in recession, when it isn't even IN the G20 and moan about Camerons private education. (An education no different from Atlee Gaitskell Foot and Blair .... and Harriet Harman - and an education no different from that which Dianne Abbot is giving her children).

And you say Cameron is being shrill? Cameron has lost it. I have never heard a criticism of anybody built on such palpably thin material. What a pathetic load of desperate desperate stuff and nonsense.

Urban Tory said...

Iain, I would love a sound bite of you quoting that infamous Meerkat. PLEASE

AnOnEye said...

I've noticed that you've got into the habit of posting ths kind of story/commentary in recent months. I'm not entirely clear why. It doesn't really prove anything and isn't terribly interesting.

I enjoy reading your blog enormously and have done since I discovered it about 2 years ago. However I have noticed that it has become much more crudely partisan in recent months. Can we expect this to continue in the run up to the election? If so, you'll lose at least one reader. I can get crude partisanship almost anywhere.

Popeye said...

Lord High Poo Bah, yes it fits.