Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tories 17% Ahead Says New Poll

A ComRes poll for the Independent on Sunday puts the Tory lead back up to 17 points.

Con 41% (+4)
Lab 24% (-3)
LD 21% (+1)
Others 14% (-2)
Incl Green 5% (+1)
UKIP 4% (-2)

One swallow does not a summer make, but this will be welcome news for Cameron high command. Let's see what the next few polls say before any rushed conclusions are reached.

Perhaps of more immediate interest is the reaction to this statement...

The fact that David Cameron went to Eton makes it harder for him to be a good prime minister for the whole country

Agree 20%
Disagree 70%
Don’t know 9%

So attacking Cameron for his education would appear a waste of time for Labour. The poll shows that even among Labour core voters only 20% agree.

UPDATE: YouGov have a poll too in the Sunday Times. It shows a nine point lead for the Conservatives 40-31-16: Con (-), Lab (+4), LD (-2).


David Boothroyd said...

With regard to David Cameron and Eton, ComRes have asked a silly question and got a silly answer. The point is not that David Cameron, or anyone else who went to Eton, is automatically unable to be Prime Minister - no-one has made that criticism. Plenty of Etonians have turned out to be decent socialists.

The point is this: at a time when Britain is in economic difficulties, the policies of the Conservative Party under the leadership of David Cameron would cut taxes on the wealthiest and cut the money going to the poorest families. It is quite reasonable to connect that fact to the fact that David Cameron himself comes from a very wealthy background.

Tom said...

And yet those 20% are the votes they need in order to retain any seats at all. (They've given up on actually governing at this point, it's all a seats game.)

Mick Turatian said...

blygxdThe YouGov poll for the Sunday Times has the Tories 9% ahead of Labour on 40% and 31% respectively.

Anonymous said...

Ah! David Boothroyd economics - put taxes up to stimulate the economy! Duh!!!!

Camerons IHT cut (because that is what you are talking about) will help millions of ordinary families whose houses happen to put them into the IHT band.

Instead, Mr Boothroyd, let's talk about the NI hike that will affect tens of millions of people by taking money off them. Let us talk about the abolition of the 10p tax band (remember that?). Let us talk about the 75p rise given to pensioners.

Labour is no friend to the working class. You just need their votes to allow you to cling to power, Labour certainly does not give a d*mn about the ordinary man.

Still, what can we expect from a cabinet stuffed with millionaires and people educated privately and who send their offspring to private schools? Labour's champagne socialists are far, far worse than Cameron's shadow ministers because the Labour cabinet prattle on about socialism whilst living the high life. That makes them hypocrites.

I'll take a snob over a hypocrite any day of the week.

True Belle said...

Politics is still a male game.

The Tories want women, but only if they are proxy subservient men and do as they are told and toe the party line.

Public schools do produce brilliant scholarly male/female all rounders.

The trouble with Eton is it produces political idiots who followed in their fathers footsteps and who were destined from their conception to go to ETON.

I have heard that really noble industrious adventurous clever young people who attended other worthy public schools do not stand a cat in hells chance of high political office when confronted with an ETONIAN coterie!

Cameron and his crew are creating an inner exclusivity already, heaven help any outsider who trys to penetrate the inner circle, unless it is for entertainment/ carrying the can value!

I am sick and tired of the lot of them.

Bill Quango MP said...

Long, long way back from Moscow isn't it Mr Boothroyd?
I suggest you pack some sandwiches for this particular retreat as Gordon thinks its a winner and will cling to this position long after it has any strategic value and has actually become counter productive.

Another Dien Brown Phu coming up.

golden_balls said...

so what do these two polls show us ?
Any answers ?

I recall from one of your many media soundbites from last week that the Tories need a 12% gap with Labour before the election. I still think the election will be closer than many people realise. The Cons have a huge mountain to climb. Labour will lose but will the Tories win.

Mick Turatian said...

True Belle: "The trouble with Eton is it produces political idiots who followed in their fathers footsteps and who were destined from their conception to go to ETON."

I went to Eton, my father did not and I'd like to think that I'm not an idiot, political or otherwise. I was conceived (unwittingly, as far as my own awareness of the joyous event is concerned) without any thought being given to my education.

I'm not sure if your general view of Old Etonians is all that accurate but I don't want to quarrel with you on that score. I would however say that I, for my part, do not conform to any stereotype that fits your description