Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Six for Spelthorne

The six finalists for Spelthorne are...

Katy Bourne (finalist in Central Suffolk)
Philippa Broom (Spelthorne councillor)
Therese Coffey (finalist in SW Norfolk, SE Euro candidate in 2009)
Lynne Hack (finalist in Beckenham)
Michael McManus (Stood in Watford in 2001)
Kwasi Kwarteng (finalist in Sleaford)

And no, I didn't apply for this seat!


Despatch Box said...

Michael McManus is just the type of person we need in the Conservative Parliamentary Party. He is on a par with 2 Brains Willets in that he is highly intelligent and will help bring forward and draw up the types of policies that DC and GO want to introduce to change this country for the better. Furthwermore, he has the oratorical skills to deliver this message of change. Good Luck to him

Man in a Shed said...

Lynne Hack was also a finalist in Woking also.

I almost voted for her, but she needed to polish up her public speaking. I hope she has, as we need more scientists in government.

ferial ferret said...

A Scientist and a Local Candidate - just gets better and better

Paddy Briggs said...

All first class candidates any one of whom would be a credit to the Party in the Commons.

Or do we just take that for read?

cheshire said...

Therese Coffey stood for the Conservatives in Wrexham at the 2005 General Election.

jane said...

Michael McManus is fab - and v good looking too

Flak 88 said...

only ONE candidate is really local, and ALREADY a local resident and thats Phillipa Broom.

All the others have tried many another constituency vaccancy and are not known to the residents of Spelthorne.

The ONLY choice is Obvious....
Phillipa Broom.