Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Robert Key to Retire

Well, they're falling like ninepins. Salisbury MP Robert Key has announced today that he will not be standing at the next election due to health reasons. Read his letter HERE. I spent a few months working as Robert's researcher back in 1986 and he has been a great servant to the Party over the years.

He was a junior minister in the Major government and has been a superb constituency MP, as Tim Montgomerie rightly points out HERE. Tim lives in Salisbury himself. I know he has always said that he wouldn't ever stand for Parliament, but I suspect he will come under some pressure to put himself forward for the seat.


Unknown said...

I always thought Robert Key was an unsung hero.

He dealt with John Cordle for example with great grace and dignity in what can't have been an easy situation.

I hope he has a healthy and happy retirement.

thehoatzin said...

Oh that Robert Key

I thought you meant this one:

that would be a real loss

Tom King said...

At least he can fully concentrate on his cricket career now.

bnzss said...

Excellent county captain, disappointing international batsman.

Anonymous said...

Will this one be the first all tory blogger shortlist?

Astro-Turf Lawnmower said...

There was much speculation that Robert Key and Mark Ramprakash could have re-entered the England squad for the final Ashes Test, but neither made it in the end. The disappointment must have been too much for Robert Key.