Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Iain Martin thinks the election is set for March 25th.
2. Clive Davis on Churchill's lack of blood, sweat and tears.
3. Lord Lucas on using animals as bombs. Really.
4. John Moss wants to know if The Speaker will act on the PBR leak.
5. Mrs Rigby on the global cooling debate.
6. Calum Cashley on a poll which brings good news for the SNP.
7. Party Lines interviews the ASI's Tom Clougherty.
8. Party Lines reviews Sky's unplugged PBR coverage.
9. Paul Waugh on the 'spend now, pain later' PBR.
10. Neil O'Brien identifies a whole bunch of 'Brownies'.
11. LibDem Voice reviews British Electoral Facts.
12. Cicero's Songs says the size of the public sector is unsustainable.

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Tachybaptus said...

Will comment here about Lord Lucas. I am wary about commenting on blogs where you have to fill in your email address, as it has caused me to be spammed.

Yes, small animals have been used as bombs and in similar ways. In World War 2, the Japanese planned to air-drop bats infected with anthrax on American cities. At the same time, the Americans planned to drop bats carrying tiny incendiaries on to Japanese cities, whose wooden houses would have been susceptible to small fires under eaves.

And the British (I think it was SOE) issued instructions to saboteurs in occupied Europe about stuffing dead rats with explosives. The idea was that anyone finding the dead rat would toss it in the furnace for the central heating of a house, and kapow.

I am really not making any of this up.

(WV scificss)