Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Tory Politico reports that a Labour candidate has been sacked for calling the Queen 'vermin'.
2. Iain Martin says Gordon Brown failed the City. And then asks you to imagine you are a Taliban commander.
3. Dale Street Blues on how The Thick of It came to Liverpool in the person of Ian Pearson MP.
4. Joshua Chambers argues that Brown's boost is likely to be very temporary.
5. Richard Willis argues that the LibDems may not have heard the last of Michael Brown.
6. Paul Waugh on some Mandelson manure.
7. Left Foot Forward on the Sayeeda Warsi egg throwing thug.
8. Nick Robinson on why Gordon Brown is smiling.
9. Michael Crick on a post war political record.
10. The Daily (Maybe) has a go at David Davis on climate change.
11. Charlotte Gore explains why she's quitting blogging as a LibDem.
12. A Very British Dude on party political blogging.

1 comment:

Tom Harris said...

I read the Dale Street Blues' version of "The Thick Of It" but I'm afraid if this ever made it television, it would be the dullest episode ever. Minister visits Liverpool, press officer tells local paper about said visit, reporter speaks to minister, writes up story, press release arrives a bit late... Not exactly comedy gold, is it?