Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Working Class Tory doesn't think much of the "Independent" candidate in Salford who has dubbed the new Tory candidate, Matthew Sefton a "homosexual pervert".
2. Mark Reckons David Cameron has got it wrong over Lisbon and UKIP.
3. Ragbag on the scarf of convenience.
4. Tory Politico says Britain's AAA ratings are weakening.
5. Diary of a Geek has a solution to climate change.
6. Sunder Katwala says Nadine has been "unbanned".
7. Party Lines on Peter Mandelson's misspeak.
8. Red Box on the Labour MPs who have given up.
9. Jennie Rigg finds that Tom Harris and Mark Reckons make her angry. Mind you, with her it doesn't take much!
10. Tom Harris on why more MPs don't blog.
11. Dizzy explains some sad personal circumstances and why his blogging will be lighter over the next few weeks.
12. Cicero's Songs talks tough about the LibDems and a hung Parliament.


Uncle Bob said...

Such a shame that independant Salford candidate has turned comment approval on, I left a witty message that'll never get through.

Pete Chown said...

I think Mark Reckons is right. The opinion polls are not showing a rise in support for UKIP, but perhaps Tory voters who feel strongly about Europe are now saying they are less likely to vote at all. Because opinion polls tend to ignore people who say they are not certain to vote, we see a drop in the Tory lead.

Many years ago, I remember the 'Community Charge' being unofficially renamed the 'Poll Tax'. It was a brilliant piece of campaigning. The negative name influenced people's perceptions of the tax, and eventually it had to be abolished (and the fallout probably brought down Mrs Thatcher).

Moving forward to the present day, our democracy is under threat from an unelected government in Brussels. When this government gives us instructions, we call them 'EU Directives'. I think this makes them sound more benign than they really are.

Accordingly, I would like to suggest that we refer to instructions from Brussels as 'Diktats' rather than 'Directives'. For example we might refer to Diktat 2006/24/EC, which requires details of our telephone calls to be stored in case any bureaucrat wants to know who we have been talking to.

Jennie said...

Are you accusing me of being irascible, Mr Dale? I'm SHOCKED! SHOCKED, I tell you! Expect much louder booing and hissing the next time I see you at a function!