Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Working Class Tory on Andy Burnham's leadership ambitions.
2. Guido dishes it out to Will Straw and Left Foot Forward.
3. Tory Bear gets some red on red action.
4. Ragbag on Cambridge and his Taid.
5. Gaby Hinsliff has a rant about marriage. And feels better for it.
6. Dizzy's eyes are watering.
7. Dazmando and Mark Reckons are unhappy LibDems.
8. Craig Murray on why the left and the media are stupid.
9. UK Polling Report on why the polls are narrowing.
10. EU Referendum of the wages of Climategate.
11. Burning Our Money on heads and souls.
12. Nick Bryant on the possibility of an Australian election.


Kate j Norden said...

BurningOurMoney: "the markets have so far given us the benefit of the doubt" ?! Good to know that the markets, which icludes the allegedly criminally incompetent Banking Sector, are giving us the benefit of the doubt..

Anonymous said...

"Labour catching tories in polls" . .


"Labour Leadership Scandal Split Scoffs Sandinistas Shock" or something . . .