Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. Raedwald speculates that Britain is about to drop out of the G8.
2. Tom Harris makes the case for first past the post.
3. Glyn Davies asks how many Welsh MPs we really need.
4. Blue Idea on Labour's Class War.
5. Ellee Seymour on the rumours that Sandi Toksvig might stand in Cambridge.
6. Stephen Glenn on the Scottish blogging wars.
7. ConHome on why Labour fears Green voters turning to the Tories.
8. Letters From a Tory on the 'murder' of Dr David Kelly.
9. Tory Story NI wonders if David Davis is Cameron's Ted Heath.
10. Phil Taylor on the Fat Middle.
11. Prodicus has more tales of economic policybeing formed on the playing fields of Eton.#
12. Charles Crawford on Carousal Fraud.

And as a bonus, read the Sunday Times review of the Scottish blogosphere HERE.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Drop out of the G8? brown will call it the G8+1

Govt science policy has been in charge of an old Etonian since 1998
So has Labours own finances.

Gren voters turning to tories? Don't tell that to the headbanging tendency.

PS lest anyone think I am going native I commend this excellent post from WUWT, which really should be in the Daily Bakers Dozen