Friday, December 11, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Pete Hoskin says the Tories are getting hard.
2. Dizzy has a great spot in the continuing political class wars.
3. Calum Cashley thinks Edinburgh LibDems are in a spot of trouble.
4. Jack Straw defends faith schools on Blackburn Labour.
5. Guido has a right old ding dong with Labour MP Kevin Barron on Sky News.
6. Tim Worstall thinks Johann Hari should check his facts.
7. Biteback Publishing unveils its new political book titles.
8. Danny Finkelstein on why MPs' expenses matter.
9. Tom Harris wonders why West Sussex County Council have got a bit touchy.
10. Douglas Carswell wonders if the Left secretly hates the internet.
11. Cranmer says Christianity has been demoted by the political classes.
12. John Redwood says cutting spending is technically very easy.

And Tory Radio has an exclusive interview with everybody's chum, Eric Pickles HERE.


Tachybaptus said...

Pete Hoskin didn't say in so many words that 'the Tories are getting hard'. But since you have said it, I can't help pointing out that it is all part of being a bunch of w***ers.

Nicholas said...

Carswell link points to Tom Harris. Should be

Old Holborn said...

I'm angry

Norfolk Blogger said...

No mention of the dreadful (for the Tories) local election results yesterday Iain ?

Just a load of old guff attaching the Lib dems in Scotland the day after the Tories lost a council seat in Scotland to the Lib Dems.

Iain Dale said...

Oh dear Nich. You didn't scroll down very far, did you? Tsk tsk.

cassandra said...

Gordon Brown says we should "be proud" that he is giving away over a billion pounds to the third world, contributing more than any other EU region.

Huuuh? Proud?

Are any of you out there proud that NICE rations drugs for the NHS while Brown bribes his way into a cushy post No10 job in the world government?
Is Cameron proud too as he simpers with delight at Brown wasting the wealth of our nation trying to buy accolades for his own ego?
Yeah lets be proud that our own OAPs go without while Brown burns what little money we have left on the bonfire of his own ego and applauded by the so called free market capitalist opposition!
Are we living in a lunatics imagination, the dance of the insane seen through the eyes of the mad?