Monday, December 07, 2009

Book of the Day: TP Guide to the 2010 Election

I should declare an interest in this book, as I am not only its publisher but also its co-editor. However, I will freely admit that Greg Callus (aka Morus from PoliticalBetting) did more of the work that I did. The book is published with ComRes who have provided much of the data, along with Colin Rallings & Michael Thrasher from the University of Plymouth Election Centre.

Basically, in one volume, you've got everything you need to analyse which seats are likely to go where. It's a unique guide to the state of the parties, policies and issues in the run-up to polling, including expert predictions from political pundits.

With its extensive guide to the key marginal constituencies that will make up the battleground, expert commentary and comprehensive opinion poll analysis, this book will arm you with all the facts and figures you need to make an informed choice at the ballot box.

It also features lists of prospective candidates, examples of historical precedent, analysis of the key marginal seats and a comprehensive assessment of the political landscape as the country moves onto an election footing.


Editors' introduction and acknowledgements
Peter Riddell

The pollster's perspective: key moments and trends in the 54th parliament
Andrew Hawkins

Deaths, resignations and retirements: the by-elections of the 54th parliament
Mike Smithson

Change we can believe in? How electoral law has altered since 2005
Donal Blaney

Fear and loathing on the campaign trail 2010? How the media will cover the next general election
Jon Craig

Things can only get beta: will this be the first 'internet election'?
Matthew McGregor, Blue State Digital

'Meet the new boss, same as the old boss': do manifestos really matter?
Greg Callus

Preface to the party campaigns chapters
Greg Callus

Going fourth into that good night? Labour's general election campaign
Paul Richards

Great expectations: the Conservatives' general election campaign
James McGrath

Follow the yellow brick road? The Liberal Democrats' general election campaign
Mark Pack

Outside the mainstream: where might the major parties be beaten?
Greg Callus

The bookies' favourites: what the betting markets say
Robin Hutchison

All change? The expected demographics of the next House of Commons
Greg Callus

Iain Dale

Retiring MPs at the next election

Regional & Constituency Profiles
Regional profiles by Robert Waller
Constituency profiles by Dan Hamilton

The book retails at £19.99, but Amazon have it on offer at £10.69. Buy it HERE.


Jo Anglezarke said...

Gosh - it's very male - but sounds very interesting...

RMC said...

I bought this book recently and can highly recommend it; the essays are particularly interesting and provide pointers for the election campaign proper. My only quibble is that the thumbnail sketches of key constituencies could have benefited from some closer editing.

Anonymous said...

Does it list which seat you will be standing in?

no longer anonymous said...

"However, I will freely admit that Greg Callus (aka Morus from PoliticalBetting) did more of the work that I did"

You just did the cover didn't you?

Half The Story said...

FREE P&P at the mo too.

Matthew Dear said...

Lists - Iain Dale. LOL!

GM said...

Looks excellent - and probably just the thing for a hard-pressed politics teacher! Could make me sound knowledgeable!!

Barnacle Bill said...

Going completely off topic, I think as a mark of respect for the sad and tragic milestone passed in Afghanistan with the announcement of the one hundredth death there; the Beeb should cancel their planned Question Time edition from Wootton Bassett on Thursday.