Monday, January 24, 2005

Wind Turbines at Guestwick

Last night I attended a meeting at Foulsham to discuss the new wind turbine plans at Guestwick, which would have a great impact on the villages of Hindolveston, Wood Norton and Thurning. I pledged my support to fight the plans. North Norfolk District Council, the MoD and the RSPB have already lodged formal objections with Broadland District Council, which is the planning authority concerned. If anyone wants to object to the plans they should write to Mr P Courtier, Senior Planning Officer, Broadland District Council, Thorpe Lodge, Yarmouth Road, Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich, NR7 0DU. Every letter will count. I am all in favour of renewable energy but I do not believe land based wind turbines are the answer – especially in areas like North Norfolk. Germany has 16,000 wind turbines and hasn’t closed a single power station. The Labour Government is trying to railroad local authorities into approving these schemes in a vain effort to meet another one of their unachievable targets. It’s typical that Norman Lamb is trying to play both sides on this one. Can he never see a fence without sitting on it? Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Come now - you can't make comments about Norman Lamb sitting on the fence without justifying it. That is just nasty and typical of a conservative

Iain Dale said...

I define sitting on the fence as not coming down on one side or other of an argument. Either you're in favour of the Guestwick wind turbines, or you're not. It's quite simple. Perhaps Mr Lamb would like to tell us which side he's on. His constituents would certainly like to know.

Wind Turbine Woes said...

Do you also represent the people in low lying geographical areas who are likely to be affected by rising river and sea levels ?
I have yet to see any local government, of any party, seriously embrace Planning Policy Statement 22 which should make local planning possible for a wide range of renewable energy measures.

It would be refreshing to hear from you what measures you would put into place locally as you claim to be in favour of renewables, if that is actualy the case.

True Guestwick inhabitant said...

If it was left to people like you we would all be in danger.
Carry on as we are and Norfolk will be flooded within 50 years.
Something has to be done NOW it's no good saying you are against wind turbines just to win a few political votes

A TRUE Guestwick inhabitant, not a newcomer.