Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Phone Mast Case May Go to the High Court

I was pleased to see today that North NorfolK District Council may appeal to the High Court against the Planning Inspectorate's backing for the O2 Tetra Mast in North Walsham. LibDem Council Leader Simon Partridge said: "It came back onto the joint development committee which met last Thursday on emergency business and they have agreed to seek legal counsel opinion as to the likelihood of success in the High Court. We need to have a little bit of advice to see if its worth us going to a High Court appeal or not. If we lose, it won't just cost the council, but we will have to pay costs on the other side as well. But if we get a positive result that would, without question, open the floodgates." He added: "It's the cost which will be the real killer. We've got to be very, very careful about using public money. It's 50-50 as to whether or not we go for it." I think the Council is taking exactly the right approach. And it's not often I say that.

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