Monday, January 17, 2005

No Comment Necessary

Mr. Robert Jackson (Wantage) rose—
Mr. Jackson: The Government are going in the right direction, but there is some poetic justice here, in that the Secretary of State is being attacked in the same terms as the Labour party used to attack us when we were trying to free up the system. On reflection, does he not think that we should take that into account when we conduct our debates on this matter in the House? He is facing exactly the same charges about privatisation and two-tierism as we did.

Mr. Milburn: Support from the hon. Gentleman is about as welcome as myxomatosis in a rabbit hutch—although I hope that it does not have the same deadly consequences.

Hansard 7th May 2003

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stuart paterson said...

Isn't it amazing what some people will do to get a peerage?