Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Phone Mast Setback

I heard this morning that the Planning Inspectorate have said that O2 can switch the TETRA Mast on North Walsham Police Station back on. Terrible news for the residents of Yarmouth Road. I've released this to the press and just done an interview on North Norfolk Radio.

“This bad decision highlights the need for a complete reform of the Planning System. The Conservatives have already promised to implement a new policy on the siting of phone masts called “You decide where they go”. Under our proposals local people and local councils would have the final say, not some remote body like the Planning Inspectorate. It’s a bad day for the people of Yarmouth Road in North Walsham. They must be at their wits end. I am sure local people will support North Norfolk District Council if it appeals to the High Court to reverse this decision. There’s no pretending that there isn’t a cost attached to this, but the Council is there to protect us from companies like O2 who appear to believe they can ride roughshod over local opinion. I reiterate my support and that of local and national Conservatives for the CATS campaign.”

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