Monday, January 10, 2005

Gordon Brown's Schooldays

I reviewed the papers on Sky this morning and spent some time analysing the Blair/Brown spat. I think Brown realises he has overstepped the mark, but the most interesting aspect of this saga is that Brown has apparently told Blair "I can't believe a word you say anymore". It is interesting to wonder why Blair hasn't sacked him. It's weakness. We're now entering Blair's twighlight weeks. I am also beginning to wonder whether Brown will be the shoo-in everyone thinks. I was talking to a Labour Minister friend of mine the other day and he asked who I thought should succeed Blair. My answer? Hilary Benn. You read it here first. What surprised me was that the Minister agreed with me 100%. I can just imagine the tears that would flow down his Father's face.


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know Mr. Dale, when one clicks on your 'Iain Dale's Monthly Poll' link, the following error comes up:

'Incorrect survey link code!'

Just thought you might like to know, keep up the good work with the blog

Guido Fawkes Esq. said...

Brown will go down like old Haggis in Middle England. He is seen as a moody Scottish Socialist.

"Back Brown get more Chance of Howard" methinks!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean you think Hilary Benn would be the best man for the job? Or that he's the one who Labour will pick?

Liam said...

...Except people who read the Economist, who read it there first. For what it's worth I think it is unimaginable that anyone other than Brown will succeed Blair as Labour leader. Benn is a talented young man and would be wise to bide his time - how history may have been different had your most recent dinner guest taken that advice we can only speculate.

I am gratified by your continued name checks in your blog, by the way. I have been on holiday otherwise I would have responded to your bizarre remarks on Alan Duncan briefing people about him being a future Tory leader. I wonder how you would have responded had Norman Lamb made similar remarks about, say, Ed Davey. Except he has more sense than to make such rash comments so the point is moot.

What has happened to your constituency newspaper by the way? I does not seem to be available now on your website.

Iain Dale said...

James, I see your holiday has not lessened your ability to try to make mischief. As you can clearly read, I did not talk about Alan Duncan briefing anyone. Did you not read the words "friends of"?

Rash, eh? Norman never says anything rash - partly because he's so careful not to take a position on anything at all. I guess he doesn't feel the need to have a blog because it does actually involve giving real views and giving them spontaneously. Not something he's known for.

Liam said...

I just found it hard to accept that Alan Duncan has friends.

As to your peculiar claims about Norman Lamb not taking views because he doesn't have a 'blog - are his views not quoted in the EDP every day? Does he not vote on all the major issues in Parliament? Is he not regularly interviewed on local radio and television? Does he not respond to thousands of constituents' letters every year? Does he not have a website ( There is a difference between being open and responsive and being rash - you just lack the judgement to fall on the right side of the line, I'm afraid!

Iain Dale said...

Just no pleasing you, is there? I will be more boring in future.