Thursday, January 13, 2005

Cry in the Dark!

I'm not exactly known for being a Domestic God, so when I got home tonight to find the house in darkness and the heating off I was somewhat perplexed. Eventually I worked out it must be something to do with the electric thingys. Next door's lights were on so it couldn't be a power cut. I really should have been a Detective, shouldn't I? I eventually fumbled around and found a torch and located something I am reliably told is called a fuse box. All switches facing the same way, apart from the main one. Gingerly I flicked it up and hey presto everything came on again. Hurrah, I thought! Five minutes later it all went off again. More fumbling around. An hour later and it's all back on, although I am sitting here freezing my squirrel nutkins off as I don't want to put the heating on constant and can't work out how to reset the timer. Pathetic isn't the word. A nice warm duvet beckons...

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