Sunday, August 24, 2008

Brown Reveals His State of Mind

THIS article from the Mail on Sunday is very revealing. It reveals a very tetchy Prime Minister, whose state of mind is clearly not what it might be.
The growing pressure on him appeared to show during an interview with The Mail on Sunday, in which he refused to answer questions about his hopes of survival. ‘I’m happy to talk to you because you are here,’ he snapped. ‘I have given you special time. That is very good of me. You are very fortunate. I am not going to do an all-round interview about everything that is happening in politics. People are less interested in personalities and more interested in policies.’
Mr Brown insisted that he would steer Britain through the economic downturn. Asked if he was confident he would still be in a job by Christmas, he replied: ‘Of course. I am totally focused on only one thing and that is taking this country through these difficult economic circumstances.’ But his irritation grew when it was suggested he was ‘feeling the pressure’. He observed sharply to an aide: ‘I was told this would be five minutes.’

Can you seriously imagine any other politician saying this?
I’m happy to talk to you because you are here,’ he snapped. ‘I have given you special time. That is very good of me. You are very fortunate.

Sounds more like the rantings of a demogogic dictator rather than a British Prime Minister.


Not a sheep said...

Gordon Brown is slowly but surely losing it. He has concentrated his efforts for over 10 years on becoming Prime Minister and believed that would make him happy. Now he is PM he has discovered that he is fundamentally unsuited to the role and that he is hated by much of the public.

Anonymous said...

We all knew he was deluded, but now he's comitted a cardinal sin, pissing off the press. They'll enjoy burying him later, although he really didn't need their help to do that.

We need constitutional change in this country so that the prime minister is directly elected. The public voted for Tony Blair, not this fool. It's pathetic that we can have a prime minister in this country that no-one voted for. Gordon Brown has absolutely no mandate to govern.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear I fear Gordon may have just upset "The Mail" and it's eponymous and renowned "Mail Readers" - I expect a bit more on this in tomorrows edition and let's face it for all that Labour Ministers and their party supporters slag off "The Daily Hate" they seem to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get a favourable response from the Mail's readers by their policies/articles although the editorials seem to have lost some of the "Brown has the hand of greatness about him a la Dacre" gloss in recent times

Anonymous said...

''Sounds more like the rantings of a demogogic dictator rather than a British Prime Minister.''

I thought the article was about Brown, not Thatcher ??

Anonymous said...

I would be more worried about what these 'demogoic dictators' do to try and remain in power. We have already seen panic borrowing to try and bribe voters in by-elections, policy put on hold for others. how far is brown going to go to stay in power, thats what worries me!

Anonymous said...

Broon OUT!......but he MUST stay until 2010!.

And STICK your "Yoo Kay" football team too Broon!, it seems you are insistent on now running football like Politics!, with the "British" team consisting only of ENGLISH players taking part after the Welsh and Scotch EU regions refuse to take part because they run their own affairs (but keep sending us the Subsidy soft Johnny Englishman!) and with a JOCK in charge of the "Yoo Kay" team? have another thing coming Broon! STICK your "British" football team, actually stick the "British Union", its been null and void as of 1998 anyway!, England needs Scotch and Welsh Region for NOTHING!!!!.

McLabour OUT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone has come to accept that Brown is a f*cked up man. Even his own party.

His sole job is to ensure the Labour Party is destroyed. Tories love this. LibDems love this. NuLab drones love this as they think they can use the collapse to purge the party of Old Labour elements and the Old Labour guys think the same for the opposite reason.

Even the press love him because he's a human punch bag.

With so many vested interests Gordon won't be toppled. He'll just carry on dragging the Labour Party and British democracy into the mire until his final humiliation in 2010.

Anonymous said...

The only possible comment is that "power corrupts, and absolute power (of the kind that NuLab have enjoyed for the last 11 years) corrupts absolutely". It is a great joy (= schadenfreude) to watch it play out in this way.

PS - I am,for no good reason other than that it is on my bookshelf, re-reading Suetonious' book "The Twelve Caesars". Which is the best comparison? Claudius or Caligula? Titus or Vespasian, Otto or Nero?

strapworld said...

Now you know why our great leader did not make an immediate comment against the Russians. He admires the way they operate and wants to emulate them!

He is a bully, a coward, a man with no leadership qualities whatsoever. He leads an incompetent government with a cabinet of lightweights who are unable to raise any objection to this individual.

He is, rather childish, seeking attention in this way. Rather odd. I wonder what a phsychiatrist or phsychologist would make of his behaviour?

To think the Great United Kingdom has ended with such a man as its 'leader'!

The Queens should step in, out of kindness, and ask him to resign.

Anonymous said...

He will be using the royal "we" next he really has lost the plot.

Dom Mather said...

What's the PM talking about?! Personality is the main reason he's getting annihiliated by the Tories, and now even Clegg; "Charlie Chaplin could do a better job running the Home Office than this Labour Government."

Conand said...

'You are very fortunate'

No I'm not Gordon, I've got you as my PrimeMinister.
Is it me or does he sound exactly like Saddam as portrayed in that recent TV series?

Anon@12:07 re: Suetonius

Of those Emperors I think he's closest to Domitian. Why?
The years of waiting in the wings. The appalling lies and self regard. Building the father up as some sort of demi-god. The grandiose building projects fouling up the treasury. The being completely mental. Having a pet dwarf (chipmunk).

Tapestry said...

He sounds very lonely.

Anonymous said...

Re Conand 12:17


Brownies & Blears! Brilliant!

Anon 12:07
(John of Enfield)

Anonymous said...

He's turning into Idi Amin. Next he will declare himself King of Scotland - and award himself the Victoria Cross for valour in the face of a hostile press.

Anonymous said...

He's a bleeding mentalist innit. The sooner he goes the better, surely there is a contingency plan in government for this kind of situation? you know, incident, death, look like an accident? Nasty ofd business, great shame and all that, now back to business.
Someone needs to tell the idiot that he's effing useless!

Anonymous said...

Brown will now borrow this country into bankruptcy in a vain attempt to try to win popularity.

The consequences of this one mans folly and ego will impact negatively on all of us for years to come.

Surely some in the upper echelons of the government can see the unfolding disaster? Do any of them have the backbone and sense of responsibility to stop Brown before he goes even further down this road of destruction for the UK?

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown is clearly a sociopath, some would say psychopath. As he becomes increasingly exposed and under pressure his sociopathic traits of paranoia, grandiosity etc come more to the fore.

Until he is removed from power we should all be very worried.

Anonymous said...

The evidence grows that the UK economic situation is even more dire than previously thought but that Brown fully intends to borrow and spend on an unprecedented scale putting Britain at grave risk of bankruptcy:

"Government's £100bn gilts sale will underline borrowing fears
By Angela Monaghan
Last Updated: 9:26pm BST 23/08/2008

The Government will be forced to sell an unprecedented £2bn of gilts every week next year in the latest sign that borrowing is spiralling out of control, experts have warned.

Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, could issue £100bn in gilts for the first time in history in the next fiscal year as the economy faces its weakest growth since the early 1990s....."

Anonymous said...

Is this on youtube?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


If anybody in nu labour had the guts to stage a coup we would not be any better off.

None of them would understand that if they can spend huge amounts of money for no benefit then they can spend a lot less without loss of benefit. Except to those that work for the government NHS managers outreach workers and the like.

They would under a new leader continue to spend, the only variation would be how much is from tax and how much is borrowed.

Anonymous said...

Normally I'd consider this very rude behaviour, but since the journo in question is Simon Walters I'll make an exception.

Anonymous said...

„ ...........but, well, he’s a Rodney“
This was the famous retort from Del Trotter when trying to find words to effectively describe his hapless brother.

I feel much the same about Gordon Brown! He is, after all, the most uncomfortable person I’ve ever set eyes on. It’s quite embarrassing watching him and I cringe when he squirms and stumbles about. He can’t string a sentence together without repeating himself at least once and I can never imagine how he was elected – but of course he wasn’t!

His muscling into the highlights of the Olympics has left me quite distraught as his antics are such that he appears to be clearly unhinged. That forced smile, idiotic expressions and stiff movements come across as insincere and stage managed.

If we have to have to endure such a man, can’t someone advise him to stay as far out of the limelight as possible? Let’s face it, he isn’t a leader, he isn’t a politician worth thinking about and he certainly isn’t a man. What is he then? …well may be he’s a Rodney!

Anonymous said...

anon - Wales and Scotland aren't regions of England you "Glitter". You are as deluded as Broon.

Anonymous said...

This particular hack from the Mail on Sunday always paints Brown as "tetchy" and referring to him "snapping" remarks. This is because the journalist has been unable to elicit any information from Brown (again) and therefore tries to blame Brown for not being disclosive. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a desperate attempt to dress up a dull interview! No change their from the Mail's attack-puppy Simone Walters.

Anonymous said...

Now what was it Alaistair Campbell was reputed to have said about him???

To think some didnt believe him eh..

Anonymous said...

"he's comitted a cardinal sin, pissing off the press. They'll enjoy burying him later.."

He pissed off the press over the non-election and they've been burying him daily ever since.

He'll never do any good or win them over now. They've moved onto, and are completely uncritical of Cameron now, so he may just as well say what he really thinks or ignore them, like Maggie Thatcher.

Anonymous said...

Badhackspotter 4.58
Anonymus 5.00

At last the Brown Rebuttal Team swing into action.
A bit late though. heavy lunch?

@molesworth_1 said...

How to be topp...

We all know that the wonky-wheeled shopping trolley that is UKplc will continue to trundle down its own sweet aisle of the global super-market, buffeted by rising prices, tempted by various special offers & told to BOGOF with increasing regularity. Will we be able to steer ourselves around the gaggle of grannies that is the EU? Will we be able, away from the cameras, to slip a second bottle of scotch into the Barbour's poaching pocket in a unilateral two-for-one initiative?
Who can tell..?
At the check-out will we enquire
" I wanna pay £ 12.76, 7, 8, £12.90 cash & put the other £80 on this card? Oh, no, hang on,not that one. Not this one, either ha ha . Where is it. Oh, there we go, try that one, love...."
Can we directly meet the gaze of the south-asian gentleman 'helping us with our packing'? Or will we just mumble & look at our feet, unable to look directly into a face that says "You invaded, enslaved us & treated us worse than your dogs... Western Civilsation? Bloody good idea... when ya gonna start?"
It doesn't matter which of this depressingly clueless family grabs hold of the carrier bags; NuMan Dave, his gorgeous wife Gordona, or their precocious litle charge Nick Huhne-Cable. We know where they're going... Out. Out, to the outer edges of the car-park, to a rusting, shagged-out & over-taxed 'people-carrier' (shudder!) for which, no doubt, they still owe some serious cash to their 'hands of friendship across the water' E-Z Finance Corp.
It matters little which of the fools pushes the trolley, carries the bags, or drives the car.

History is passing us by, and we really should get a move on. If you're a BBC7 regular you will have enjoyed the "Caesar!" plays, and be 'where-it's at' with "This Sceptred Isle". We know the arc of empires, & The Scottish Enlightenment is more than 300 yrs behind us now. After reformation, regicide & restoration we bestrode the world & could do so again, if only we had the stomach for reform, the guts to kill & the will to restore.

Britain has given the world a truly remarkable legacy: English, whiff-whaff, engineering excellence in general (cf 'Formula1'TM), a general air-of-superiority, &, of course, Jordan. It is a legacy upon which we could build a prosperous future; as the world's lexicoraphor, paddle manufacturers par excellence, fast-sexy cars & facial-reconstructive surgery beyond compare. Behold! The future awaits... chizz!

Rhetoric Innes said...

lets be fair and humane. Can you imagine being PM yerself and having every i mean every day the press taking you apart??....think about it
it would break anyone

Anonymous said...

Yawn! Not much of a story here. PM doesn't say anything to over-eager journalist who then proceeds to slag him off..

Catosays said...

Gee whiz, I'd hate to be one of his personal protection officers...but on the other hand, I would have a gun!!

Anonymous said...

See! I was right and he lost it long ago...

Anonymous said...

anon @ 6.36 - you don't have to be a died-in-the-wool supporter of the Labour Party to acknowledge that Simon Walters is a poor journalist.