Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Perils of Wordpress

Mike Rouse (lovin' his new blog design) and Dizzy (er, lovin' his new blog design) both have strong views about the fact that the Number Ten website is using Wordpress as a platform. I obviously have no idea what I am talking about on any sort of technical issue so, I'll, er, get my coat and leave it to them.


Anonymous said...

Is life really long enough to find out what Wordpress is?

dizzy sounds the sort of chap who get's a hard on for HTML, or is that soooo last century?

Newmania said...

I`m with you Iian ,I had to get semone to set my blog up and then Cassilis kindly donated the spiffing top bit.

I like it ( no--one else does )

Anonymous said...


I read about this on Guido yesterday and also followed the link to Dizzy and I have to say I could not understand a word of what they were talking about.

All that mattered to me was the image of the No 10 website apparently with nothing on it and nothing to say. Now that seemed to be the important issue - a Govt with nothing to say when we have a financial crisis going on at home and an international emergency in Georgia that is brewing.

Anonymous said...

They were talking a load of half truths and making a story out of nothing. Wordpress is very good platform and is as insecure or secure as the next platform. Perhaps they might like to cite some examples of professional deployments of worpress that have been hacked. a stupid argument, almost a circular one. Cant wait till the pollys get back from their holidays!!