Saturday, August 23, 2008

Top 20 Libertarian Blogs

1. Guido Fawkes
2. Devil's Kitchen
3. Tim Worstall
4. Samizdata
5. UK Libertarian Party
6. An Englishman's Castle
7. Last Ditch
8. Huntsman
9. Freedom & Whisky
10. Old Holborn
11. Charles Crawford
12. Nought Point Zero
13. Nation of Shopkeepers
14. Question That
15. PJC Journal
16. Looking for a Voice
17. Underdogs Bite Upwards
18. Saxon Times
19. Womble on Tour
20. Libertarian Alliance

Click HERE for a list of all 33 Libertarian blogs in the Total Politics Directory.

These blogs were voted for by the readers of more than 60 UK political blogs and the readers of TOTAL POLITICS Magazine. Each person voted for their top ten blogs. Their favourite was awarded ten points, their second favourite nine points and so on down to one point. 1,142 people cast a vote.

The full results will be published in the Guide to Political Blogging in the UK 2008-9 which is published on 5 September and will be available at all the party conferences. You can now also pre-order it via the Total Politics website for £12 inc p&p. You will receive it in mid September.


Anonymous said...

Why isn't Samizdata on the list or in the directory? It's one of the best blogs full stop and certainly qualifies for the libertarian top 20.

Iain Dale said...

Anonymous, thanks for pointing that out. I had wrongly classified it under right wing, rather than libertearian. I have now corrected the error.

Mu Tai Dong said...

What about miner blog? Maybe next year - I can also cook...

Anonymous said...

The link to Tim Worstall is wrong. The correct link is

P.S. So happy to see Question That on here.

Shuggy said...

I'm posting this here in the hope that someone will pay attention because I've already emailed your editor who did precisely nothing about it. Please take my blog out of your index. Or if you insist on retaining it, at least file it under the right goddam country because I am not English. You don't have to be a nationalist to find this sort of thing annoying. Thanks.


Iain Dale said...

If you told me which country I'd happily reclassify you. I have looked at your blog and it is impossible to tell.

Shuggy said...

There's the odd mention of Glasgow. This is in Scotland - a small province in the north of Britain.

Tristan said...

Are the directories exclusive?

I ask because there are several libertarian LibDems who blog, but they don't get included in the Libertarian list.

The same appears to go for Libertarian Tories.

Iain Dale said...

They will be in the LibDem and Tory lists, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, don't they all complain!

We're just happy to get noticed. We have neither time nor money, but we try. Thanks Iain!

Guthrum said...

You want to try herding some of these cats ! :-)

Good to see the list Iain Thanks

Parmer said...

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