Friday, August 22, 2008

Top 10 Northern Irish Blogs

1. Slugger O'Toole
2. Three Thousand Versts
3. A Pint of Unionist Lite
4. Redemption's Son
5. Conor's Commentary
6. Everything Ulster
7. Devenport Diaries
8. Balrog
9. Modern Unionist Voice
10. O'Conall Street

These blogs were voted for by the readers of more than 60 UK political blogs and the readers of TOTAL POLITICS Magazine. Each person voted for their top ten blogs. Their favourite was awarded ten points, their second favourite nine points and so on down to one point. 1,142 people cast a vote. These were the thirty most popular media blogs blogs.

The full results will be published in the Guide to Political Blogging in the UK 2008-9 which is published on 5 September and will be available at all the party conferences. You can now also order it via the Total Politics website for £12 inc p&p. You will receive it in mid September.


Owen Polley said...

Wow! Cheers everyone who voted for 3000 Versts. I'm delighted with 2nd!

Conquistador said...

Interesting list. But you do realise that Modern Unionist voice has gone into a state of utter dormacy, with now rntries or comments in weeks.

Anonymous said...

A big thanks from Redemption's Son!

Imposs1904 said...

No Splintered Sunrise?

Very surprised