Thursday, August 28, 2008

It Shouldn't Happen to a Proofreader

Just got the first issue of the new monthly PRESS GAZETTE. It's been transformed from newspaper format into an A4 glossy magazine. It will take some getting used to.

One person who won't be happy is Louise Greene. She has advertised her sub editing and proof reading services in the magazine.It's rather a shame that the advert is titled...

Lousie Green - Sub-editing/proofreading

Oh dear. Not quite so embarrassing as the time I sent out a flyer for a conference I was running which was headlined...

Pubic Relations for Absolute Beginners

I couldn't understand why it proved so popular!


Anonymous said...

...should it happen to a poof reader?

Anonymous said...

I once sent out 1,000 letters to Party members asking for help on Election Day. One of the ways that members could offer to help was:

"Providing transport on election day - please bring a cat (car) if you have on"."

That's not as bad, though, as the hastily produced by-election leaflet that introduced voters to the Conservative Candidate, "who has lived in the village with his wide Mary for over 20 years".

Given that Mary was particularly "wide" and had been on a diet for 2 years, this faux pas didn't go down well - especially when the local children picked it up and started teasing her.

Ted Foan said...

I stink it's vary crool four ewe two do this too Liouse.

Anonymous said...

did you think iain that this might just be deliberate ?
robing clark

David Anthony said...

Had to read that twice before i got it.

Back on form of late Mr. Dale

Anonymous said...

The lady is correct. Just check your Concise Oxford English Dictionary:

proofread: verb, read (printers proofs or other material) and mark any errors.

Derivative: proofreader, noun.

I thang yow.

Anonymous said...

@3.38 read the NAME numptie!