Thursday, June 28, 2007

An Ode to the Prime Minister of People's Hearts

Rachel North has been moved to write a song about Tony Blair...
Goodbye Tony Blair.
Though I never met you at all
You had the nouce to save yourself
While those around you fall.
The sleaze it swilled around you
But it never touched your toes.
Through it all you held your nerve
And smiled through hammer-blows.
And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a showman on the stage
Always knowing who play to
Always facing down the rage.
And I would like to still believe you
Like I did ten years ago.
Your candle may have burned out
But you went on with the show.
'Prime Minister' was tough
The toughest role you ever played.
Washington created a superstar.
Blood was the price we paid.
Even as the thousands died
And the press all hounded you
All the spinning had to say
Was you 'believed' in what you do.
Goodbye Tony Blair
From the people that you served.
You were someone less than promised
But perhaps all that we deserved


Chris Paul said...

It's an Ode not a Song Iain.

Old BE said...

The pedant in me wishes to know whether it's Rachel from North London, or Rachel North from London...

Iain Dale said...

Chris, fool, again. I guess Canle in the Wind was not a song then?!

Scipio said...

I feel strange today - I actually miss Blair. Yes, that's right - I miss the lying, smiling, grinning, teflon-coated disembowler of our country!

But I suspect it is only because we have Brown in charge.

Better the devil you know than the one you really fear!

Croydonian said...

It is 'nous', not 'nouce'.

Anonymous said...

Surely 'nous' ?

Anonymous said...

perhaps she meant 'nonce' ?

Man in a Shed said...

"Shove off and don't darken our door again" seems more apt.

Anonymous said...

Just feel sorry for the Queen, imagine having to listen to that droning, dour, dribbling Scot for hours every week at the private audience, and she has to invite him and Mrs Tree Trunk Legs to Balmoral for a week.

Anonymous said...

This poet can write! Congratulations to her.

Trubes said...

Iain will you please tell Chris Paul to P... off ? I`ts patently obvious, that, right across the Blogsphere, oneself and fellow "posters" are heartily sick of his juvenile comments! I suspect he may be employed in a non job (courtesy of the hard working tax payers of the UK) ! Hence the unlimited time he seems to have on his hands to post his empty rhetoric ! To fellow "posters" this is the person that backed the Chipmonk for DPM , I rest my case !

Anonymous said...

Judith: "...imagine having to listen to that droning, dour, dribbling Scot..."

If he was black, jewish or homosexual would you have written that with such disdain in place of Scot? I doubt it, and even if you were so crass, you wouldn't get away with such bigotry for long.

Grow up - if you can't avoid being prejudiced and bigoted at least keep it to yourself.

Oh, and bever forget, "England has the Labour government that England voted for" - so stick that up your chuff next time you fancy taking out your anger about the Labour government on the Scots.

Little Black Sambo said...

"Droning, dour, dribbling Scot."
What is wrong with that? It is perfectly accurate, as far as it goes,

Anonymous said...

Little Black Sambo: "What is wrong with that?"

Judith referred to Brown's ethnic background in a pejorative manner. Aren't the counter-examples that I gave you sufficient? She would not have written, "droning, dour dribbling jew" or "droning, dour, dribbling homosexual", would she?

Still, whatever your own ethnic background, I'm not surprised that someone who goes by the crass nom-de-plume of 'Little Black Sambo' needs further explanation.

The Remittance Man said...


If only she'd penned this a couple of weeks ago you could have got DK's brother and his band to put it to music and then it could have been released as a cd single with the Big Red Book.

Another great marketing opportunity passes us by. I'm beginning to feel like CMOT Dibbler every day :-)

Anonymous said...


Just another sad Tory Blogger to add to the list of never ending Tory Bloggers ranting reams of spleen shite.

Iain Dale said...

Anonymous, just shows how wrong you can be. Rachel North is not only not a Tory, she's on the left.

Little Black Sambo said...

'She would not have written, "droning, dour dribbling jew" or "droning, dour, dribbling homosexual".'
I don't know what Judith might have written; she can speak for herself. My point was (partly) that there was plenty of other uncomplimentary language, some of it disgusting, that she could have used to describe the North British oaf.

Anonymous said...

Although Croydonian and one other person has mentioned it, I can't resist reinforcing the point: What the hell is nouce? Did she look it up in a dictionary? Didn't she take any French in school at all??

As Croydonian said, it's nous. And it is not pronounced noos. Dear God! I was so irritated I couldn't even read her poem.

Anonymous said...

And nor is it pronounced 'nowws'. What world do the Rachels of this world live in? Didn't they even take Year One French? That's all they would need.

The Remittance Man said...

Isn't nowse/nouce/nous/whatever-the-bloody-spelling actually London slang for knowhow? As in "he hasn't got enough nowse* to tie his own shoelaces.

*Shakespearean spelling rules apply.