Friday, June 29, 2007

Levy & Turner To Be Charged

The Daily Mail is reporting that Lord Levy and Ruth Turner WILL face charges in the Cash for Honours inquiry.


Tapestry said...

This was kept going just long enough to ensure Blair was going. Now he's gone, a few lackeys can be charged to make it seem like it was all worth it.

The main purpse of this whole episode to provide a manner to force Blair from power. He can walk free, but I suspect a deal was made somewhere, such as 'you go when we say - timed precisely to the signing of the EU Constitution and you won't be charged.'

Anonymous said...

It's good news that those two shysters will be charged though it's not the monkeys I'd like to see in the dock but the two organ grinders Blair and Brown.

Talking of which, tomorrow's Financial Times reveals that one of Brown's last acts as Chancellor was to quietly and stealthily cut the budget for hospital buildings and equipment by a third. However.....this does not apply to spending in Scotland and Wales ONLY England.

Brown cut budget for English hospitals
By Chris Giles and Nicholas Timmins
Published: June 29 2007 22:00 | Last updated: June 29 2007 22:00

Gordon Brown quietly slashed by a third this year’s hospital building and equipment budget in one of his last acts as chancellor....

Anonymous said...

I hope this is true, but I won't hold my breath.
And even if they are charged, I'm reminded of successive NuLab whitewashes.
I have to say, though: how can these underlings be prosecuted, while Blair and Brown stay in the clear?
Is it credible that Blair didn't know that his closest colleagues were handing out peerages for large sums of money?
Is it credible that the control-freak Chancellor did not know where the money he had to spend came from?
I hope the underlings are sufficiently outraged at their betrayal to shop the "Mr Bigs" here.

Chris Paul said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hmmm no mention of the polls which show Labour soaring and the Tories slumping Iain

Iain Dale said...

That's because I am going to bed. But should anyone be surprised at Labour up after 5 days of saturation positive news coverage? I understand the LibDem queeze continues.

Chris Paul, your comment has been deleted because of bad language.

The Military Wing Of The BBC said...

"Tone made me do it - he's a bad influence"

may now be heard more and more without the patronage

Anonymous said...

Off to bed, Iain I would wish you sweet dreams, but I don't think you'll be getting many of those

Chris Paul said...

Apologies to Iain - althrough he allowed the C word to stand for 24 hours against me he is quite right to delete instantly for me using the S word.

>> I've cleaned it up, no kidding >>

No, actually.

They may be charged - actually I doubt it, who believes the Mail? - but they will not be convicted of anything.

This whole case is a bag of nails. Brought by a philanderer with a Teine interest in some vicar's daughters and the like.

Clearly the whole thing is dodgy. All the parties are getting loans and donations from succesful people who might also get honours. And if we'e being honest Labour have cleaned this up a bit. The Lib Dem stuff is embarrassing and the Tory Property laundering deals are exhausting.

Sack the Lords I say.

PS. Sorry Iain. I'm a bit confused at the moment. By your immediate policing of minor swearing versus considerable levels of bad words, insulting of my parents, implications of madness and being medicated, and encouragement of suicide.

We really should talk. This appalling behaviour you tolerate and your action against me saying a minor bad word makes you look bad not me.

Trubes said...

well done Iain ! That is to delete Chris Paul !

Chris Paul said...

Yes True Blue I agree, Iain has done well on that.

Unfortunately he ran at least three stories in the last day or so that were plain wrong and didn't bother to correct any of them them.

Some nonsense about the SE not being included in regional ministries.

An idea that he had seven of Brown's ministers down when he got six.

And of course he suggested Yates and Blair were in conversation as he wrote when that (or similar) had happened three weeks ago.

The day or so before he tolerated a huge number of nasty comments, against me and my family etc. It's not like I care. It makes IDD look bad not me.

ID even suggested he had not noticed them.

So, yes, well done to Iain for catching me using the old anglo saxon within seconds.

Well done Iain.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Labour - the THREE organ-grinders. You think Tony Blair is smart enough to have organised this whole complicated scenario without Cherie's authorship?

If Nikolai Ceaucescu walks free - and stays off balconies - it is because Elena was running this scam.

Anonymous said...

You're taking it well Chris...

Ross said...

' Hmmm no mention of the polls which show Labour soaring and the Tories slumping Iain '

Didn't Major get around a 20% swing when he took over? The Brown bounce seems rather lacklustre in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Broon's ministry of all the talents appears to draw participants from a particularly narrow clique. It looks as if none of them have worked for organisations which set out to make profits, sales or wealth. Some more digging may be needed to discover if any of them have family backgrounds which are not dependent on jobs in the public sector.

Government by, for and of those on the state payroll. No doubt some public spirited individual will demonstrate that the brothers Millipede had a father who earned royalties from his barking mad books on politics. But it still looks like a government of the narrow minded, with very narrow experience of life, is it unfair to describe them as a parasitic clique?

Anonymous said...

Mr Paul - wouldn't you be happier logging on to LabourHome?

You don't like Tories, you don't like Iain - so feel free to take your bat and ball elsewhere to an environment you find more pleasant.

Ned said...

Back to basics & the announcement that sparked the enquiry. Sources at the time suggested Jack Dromeys announcement on National TV was prompted by the "Brownites" to embarrass Blair... It all went terribly wrong for Labour when an MP brought that legal charge.
Whatever,it's widely assumed & alleged that GB must have had knowledge of monies in the purse (& where it came from) to fight the 2005 General Election! Things may become embarrasingly(for NL) clearer at any trials?

Anonymous said...

The ministry of all the talents is starting to look more like a traditional seaside "talent" contest, packed with supremely untalented hopefuls eager for a couple of minutes on stage to sing their one song, or tell their handful of unfunny jokes, to the cynical applause of the audience.

The Huntsman said...

If correct, then there will be a lot of egg on the faces of various Pinkoes in the media who have confidently been telling us throughout this scandal that the Police inquiry would inevitably peter out for lack of evidence.

If true, any trial arising out of this particular sleaze scandal (and on the uncontested facts, this is probably the worst political corruption scandal in modern times) will dominate the next year or so and swiftly take the gloss off GB's Premiership. Any trial, particularly if, as suggested, it were to encompass charges relating both to corrupt dealings in Honours and perverting the course of justice, seems likely to involve most of the upper echelons of the Labour Party putting in an appearance in the witness box at Court No. 1, The Old Bailey. It will be interesting to see how GB and the Ministry of Truth manage to spin that one every night as yet another Labour Worthy makes his or her sorry way up the street to the court door.

Oh my! What a lovely thought....

Anonymous said...

I should control what is on this blog NOT Iain Dale!

WE are the masters now!

Anonymous said...

I think Daily Mail has got it wrong: the charge can "only" concern the attempt to cover up the affair. They can't charge Levy and Turner re the cash for honours without charging Blair. And would Brown not ask questions when large sums of money started to pour in to the Labour Party?

Anonymous said...


Two polls out today - one gives Labour a 70 seat majority and the other gives Labour a 90 seat majority.

How strange that Iain hasn't found time to comment.

It's all over for Cameron's NuCon experiment. Did you really think you could win just because your leader owns a pair of bicycle clips and parts his hair on the correct side????

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm no mention of the polls which show Labour soaring and the Tories slumping Iain

June 30, 2007 12:19 AM

Supply a link please, I would like to view those polls very much.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Two polls out today - one gives Labour a 70 seat majority and the other gives Labour a 90 seat majority.

Where,where, we need links.Gosh it's exciting though.

Anonymous said...

Appears "Guido" is personally reading all comments before he will allow them to be posted.Looks like some of those Labour chappies had a go at the bully boys who frequent that dark place yesterday.They were the funny posters if you decide to have a peek,looks like they won the day.Guido is in retreat again,much like after his appearance on Newsnight,now that was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

jorgen said...

I think Daily Mail has got it wrong

Really,well that's got to be a first,you amaze me.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the Brownite troll who trashed Guido's blog yesterday has transferred his attention to here today. (is that you Mike?)

For all their bravado and apparent triumphalism Brown and his stooges are terrifed of something.

I wonder what it can be ;-)

Anonymous said...


Two polls - one on the Guardian website and the other on the Daily Telegraph website.

Feed the figures into Electoral Calculus website. One gives Labour a majority of 70 and the other a majority of 90.

Anonymous said...

The Brown era brings in the end of spin and the beginning of open Government, a Government that listens to the people and restores the power of Parliament.


Anonymous said...

I dunno about slashing hospital build cost but we're having five new hospitals knocked up as I speak.

BTW has anyone seen the labour polls trashing the Tories and mincing the Libs?

Thought not. But please, let me bring this misery to you in all haste.

William and David(Davis) are our secret weapon.

Anonymous said...

Levy & Co: One possible scenario: 1) Levy and Turner are prosecuted;

2) The jury resent being asked to deal with the monkeys while the organ grinder goes free ...

3) ... and therefore acquit.

4) Whereupon the Labour party spin machine goes into overdrive rejoicing at the government's "exoneration".

Not a pretty prospect, but it could happen.

Hospitals: As I warned on this blog last week, Gordon's coronation would be "a good day to bury bad news."

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, Trumpeter - are juries that politically involved? Surely the judge will caution them that they are trying these two individuals only and putative future prosecutions have nothing to do with the case?

If the jury is still obdurate, the judge could distract the women by flashing them.

Chris Paul said...

Was it Judith who suggested I go to Labour Home? I don't dislike Tories all that much really. I actually actively like some Tories. Not the politics mind.

Lib Dem twisters are the universal hate figures we can all agree on. But I even like one or two Lib Dems who don't indulge in the cheating etc.

I certainly don't dislike Iain. I don't know why he or you would think that. Tone of voice can be lost on the net, but assuming it is always or ever harsh from here is quite wrong I can assure you.

But I think Iain should:

- Be consistent on his language rules, when they are applied in a partisan way it's wrong
- Control the invidious nastiness of some of his visitors who, unlike myself ARE involved in ad hominem attacks and a LACK of argument
- Correct mistakes as soon as possible, not never
- Apologise for major errors
- Accept and welcome that there are other views and that stating them is NOT a personal attack

In particular I hope that Iain will pass on the IP details and identities of the most vile commentators.

Diablo suggests they are in fact naughty Manchester Lib Dems and nothing would please me more if that were so to identify them and out them for their potty mouths and hateful nastiness which doesn't need to curse to attack families, mental health, personal appearance etc

Actually nastier than the swearing. And it makes Iain look bad as well as themselves.

Best wishes

Chris P

Anonymous said...

verity: interesting suggestion for judicial intervention, but might not work so well if they get an all-male jury.

Anonymous said...

That is a chance the CPS will have to take.