Monday, June 18, 2007

Boles Launches New Social Entrepreneurship Initiative

Following David Cameron's lead on social responsibility London mayoral candidate Nick Boles has today launched 'Good Neighbours', a philanthropic initiative designed to help youth groups working in some of the most deprived parts of London. He will help them raise money from those generating new wealth in the City. He says...
I believe that the solution to London's problems lie within our own community. We are all neighbours in London. And good neighbours help each other in times of need. I am confident that the people currently enjoying spectacular success in the City want to do their bit to give all of London's young people opportunities to learn and grow and to build confidence in themselves and their futures. But many of these new millionaires are busy people who work very hard and they need someone to make it easy for them.That is what Good Neighbours will do.

Good Neighbours is already working with groups like XLP in SouthLondon and the Eastside Young Leaders Academy in East London. Donors will be encouraged to provide support in a number of ways: some will want to form a relationship with a particular youth group and give money directly to them; others will want to give money to a charitable intermediary that assesses which groups most deserve support. For this reason, Good Neighbours is working with the new charity andventure philanthropist, Future, which was set up to support projects assisting disadvantaged young people. Future will vet youth groups looking for support and report to donors on the outcome of their investment. Good Neighbours will encourage donors to make a long-term commitment ( e.g. 3 years) and to support the core costs of youth groups rather than just the eye-catching new projects on which most statutory funding is focused.

Speaking ahead of the launch this morning, Nick Boles said...
In recent months, London has seen a spate of gang murders involving childrenkilling other children. At the same time, just a few miles away, other Londoners have been making unprecedented fortunes from hedgefunds, private equity and investment banking. Although the primary focus of Good Neighbours is to encourage wealthy Londoners to donate larger sums of money, we want to encourage every Londoner to try and make a difference, whether by giving £50 or volunteering a few hours each week. Any Londoner who wants to be a good neighbour to London's young people should visit our website and sign up.
Obviously Nick wants this kind of initiative to help his campaign, and good luck to him. It's certainly innovative and a very different way of campaigning to the others who have already announced they are running. To find out more visit the Good Neighbours website.


Mog said...

Boles is obviously a political genius as well as being a superb front running candidate in the Mayoral Race.

What would be the best day to launch a conservative initiative... er let me think.,. I know the same day Daaaavvvee makes the modt "important" speech of his campaign.

You can tell how this has engaged teh hoi polloi by the amount of comments on this (oh praise be to Iain) blog.

The initiative itself is so very very Daaaaavvvvian it makes me wanna puke.

Lets find a candidate with charisma and style. Please.

Iain Dale said...

How entirely predicatble. He gets off his arse and does something that most reasonable thinking people would think it a laudable idea and all you can do is carp from the sidelines. Ever thought about doing something positive yourself? Thought not.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Social Entrepreneurship"

Cobblers !
They need a job thats what they need and if they wont get one they either starve to death or be placed in a modern version of the work house.

Anonymous said...

I applaud Nick Boles initiative.

I hope you've called it wrong when you hint that there's a political motivation involved. The organisation states that it is non-political.

If he's done it for that reason, then history says it will not be as good as it could have been otherwise. Also, what would happen to the initiative afterwards when he has won/lost the election?

These things work best when they are done with secure long term funding - long term meaning 10 years plus.

Nick is in a position to do that -
and I hope he does so.

So, no problem at all with him getting the kudos of running an initiative if that helps his profile.

But it is important that that is not the reason why he is setting up the initiative.

Savonarola said...

Mog I hope you are wrong on this one. Shaun Bailey has done wonders in his project and if Nic Boles remains commited and is prepared for the long haul, there is some chance of making a difference to some young lives. I will be happy to send a cheque and maybe give some time.

Kris said...

Nick should look around: many city lawyers and other professionals already contribute to their communities via pro bono work and general charitable good works.

Take the law centres as one example; due to cuts in government funding, city law firms have be taking up the slcak in funding and City solicitors contributing time and effort.

Sorry Nick. Next.

Mog said...


I would love to do something positive. Er.. in fact I do. I give a lot of money (to me) to a charity that already exists to help kids from all walks of life.

This is just another time wasting initiative from a good buddy of yours, along with Mike Reads World Cup for Reprobates or whatever it was.

I want to see someone capable of being Mayor and taking on Ken.
If you wish to insult me that is fine, but that lowers yourself to my level.

My neighbour doesnt need my £50 - his chauffeur does though.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, off topic, but I've just endured a PM programme with dopey presenter Caroline Quinn.
She failed to see the connection with Bernard Manning, who died today and the self-righteous Race campaigner Trevor Phillips.
Phillips has criticised Manning over the years for telling "racist" jokes.
Manning, however, would never attempt a sick joke about the Queen Mother's colostomy bag.
How about an apology Phillips?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so glad someone else thinks Caroline Quinn sucks. Why is this woman allowed to even open her mouth on the radio I pay for? She always sounds like she is so busy listening to her producer she can't concentrate on what she's saying, not that it would be worth listening to anyway.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Judith - who is Caroline Quinn ??

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I thought London's wealthy folk gave to London's young people every time they got mugged or burgled?

Manfarang said...

For ye have the poor always with you.

Anonymous said...

Nick Boles was well respected at Policy Exchange, so I assuming he's not stupid enough to make this just a gimmick. Given the party hasn't exactly done him any favours with the Greg Dyke stuff, I think he's done well to dust himself off and get on with something real, rather than sitting about slagging off other candidates. When will this bl**dy mayoral race get going?