Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Quotes of Yesterday

"An ex-Prime Minister is rather an unusual fish in politics" - Sir John Major.
"The snake soup was terrific but I am not sure I could eat cockerels'
testicles every day" - Lord Patten reminisces on his days as governor of Hong Kong.
"I love money. I'm so grateful that I don't have to look at the price of one cheese against another, but I still shop like a poverty-stricken peasant" - Joanna Lumley.
"I suppose it must be my general wonderfulness. I can't think of any other reason" - Historian Lady Antonia Fraser when asked why she appears in the thank-you list of Tina Brown's new book about Diana, Princess of Wales.
"Lustful, spotty students are willing to learn a great deal from nubile young teachers - but nothing that appears on the school syllabus" - Playwright and commentator Keith Waterhouse on the great education debate.
"I had never heard of the Arctic Monkeys. Were they an animal act?" - Commentator Petronella Wyatt reports on an uncomfortable visit to Glastonbury.
"Is there any truth in the rumour that when he leaves office Tony Blair is going to convert to Labour?" - Philip Moran, of London, in a letter to The Guardian.
"It looked like he had been rolling around in a vat of carrot juice" - An unnamed delegate at the NHS Confederation conference on David Cameron's "somewhat radio-active shade of make-up".
"Finishing a novel by Salman Rushdie is a lot like climbing Everest or walking on the moon - the province of a select few, an elite band made of different stuff to us mere mortals" - Best-selling writer and TV arts pundit Tony Parsons.


Anonymous said...

Great Quotes!

These PROVE that Tory MPs are much funnier and wittier than Labour ones!

I love some of those clever Conservatives lines - classics!

Why are Labour so stupid?

Wait until people discover how unfunny Brown is - it won't be long until the wheels fall off the Brown bandwagon!

kinglear said...

I can't help wondering why on earth anyone would give Rushdie a knighthood. Has he given huge wodges to NuLabour? It can't be for his turgid and boring writing. If it is, then the Arts in this country is in an even worse position than I thought.

Anonymous said...

And on the subject of ex Prime Ministers...
Bambi To The Slaughter

philip moran said...

Philip Moran always comes up with
something different.

Mjc Man, London.