Saturday, May 26, 2007

West Ham Supporters in Politics & the Media

In next season's West Ham matchday programme I hope to be writing a series of profiles and interviews with people in politics and the media who support the Hammers. I already have quite a long list, but if you know any MPs, Peers, AMs, MLAs, MSPs or media hacks who support the Hammers do let me know in the Comments. And no, they don't get free tickets for taking part!


simonh said...

Martin Samuel on the Times is a West Ham fan from way back, as well as being an interesting, amusing and amiable bloke.

Anonymous said...

I know an awful lot of MPs like to get hammered during working hours. Look at their output and you'd think they were forever blowing bubbles.

Remember, too, that those lines on the House of Commons Floor are designed to keep the Members from comeing to 'blows'.

Then there are the senior civil servants who get hammered by their bosses who subsequently disappear without 'Trace'!

Anonymous said...

I think your article should reflect the visiting team so you could mention the great Enoch when you play Wolves,Lady Astor when Plymouth visit Upton Park or when Hull City come you can write reams and reams on John Prescott

Anonymous said...

"you can write reams and reams on John Prescott"

all over his acres of naked flesh, freshly-tanned from his latest freebie?

Anonymous said...

Does Ross Kemp (actor) count? LoL

Apparently, Britney Spears told the TV presenter, Ben Shephard, she was a Hammers fan.

Morrissey wore West Ham T-shirts on tour - does that mean he is a fan though?

Apparently, Nicholas Cage became a fan after enjoying chatting to some Hammers' fans that were working on building a film set for one of his movies ?

Keira Knightley was quoted on TV as being a Hammers fan.

Alfred Hitchcock supported Hammers.

Sally Gunnell goes to the West stand with her family.

Sorry about these two - David Gest (!) and Russell Brand (!)

David Amess, Conservative MP for Southend West

Kerron said...

Isn't Jim Fitzpatrick MP a Hammer?

Anonymous said...

Surely in the interests of economy etc, you should show us your list so we don't have any repetition of names you already have. When is Tevez leaving?

Anonymous said...

Think Lee Scott, MP for Ilford North, is a fan.

Kerron said...

Tony Clarke former MP for Northampton South certainly used to be a West Ham fan (and has the tattoos to prove it!).

He's now General Manager at the Cobblers, I think.