Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tory Radio with Francis Maude and Mark Field

The ever excellent Tory Radio has two more podcast interviews with Francis Maude and Mark Field.


Anonymous said...

Francis Maud came up to our town last month and told the Tories they were useless and should tell fibs about killer wheelie-bins to beat the Lib Dems.

Result: third swing in a row to Lib Dems, quickly followed by resignation of Tory parliamentary candidate.

Rubbish campaigns on rubbish lead to rubbish results?

Mog said...

WTF is Francis doing about the London Mayoral Candidate??

We are gong to look like total twats unless we come up with a candidate who may just have a slim chance of beating K*n.

Come on Frankie!

Anonymous said...

"Come on Frankie!"

Frankie de Torri!

What an inspired vision! And plenty of horses to ride if Guidos pics of Conservative Future balls are anything to go on.