Saturday, May 26, 2007

If You See This Woman Call the Police

Rachel from North London knows what it is like to be stalked. She needs your help. Find out why HERE.


Rachel said...

Thank you very much Iain ( and all other linking bloggers).

This woman is letting the side down badly and it will be rather appropriate if the efforts of bloggers lead to her capture, as she is still wanted for arrest.

It is pretty crap that google and continue to host her blog, given that she has been found guilty of the crime of harassment - which they are in effect, aiding and abetting.

The police are trying to get the blogs down, but it is a slow process. Any lawyers reading want to have a think?

Anonymous said...

It sounds as if the woman in question needs urgent psychiatric help.

jailhouselawyer said...

Methinks that the unsavoury comments I sometimes receive are mild ribbing in comparison to what Rachel has suffered from this cyber-stalker.

There must be some internet savvy people out there who can track her down, surely?

Anonymous said...

'Call the Police'

"Don't stand so close to meeeeyeee. . ."

Jeremy Jacobs said...

"It is pretty crap that google and continue to host her blog, given that she has been found guilty of the crime of harassment - which they are in effect, aiding and abetting".

What do your lawyers have to say on this point?

jailhouselawyer said...

Jeremy Jacobs: They have a legal obligation to shut her down once that Google and the ISP have been put on notice. A failure to act renders them legally liable for damges. There is some difference between freedom of speech in the US and in Europe, but in either it does not extend to the level which Rachel has been subjected to.

Awhile ago I posted this in response to CNN's Why Google cannot be sued;

jailhouselawyer said...

That link did not come out properly, but you can find it in my labels under Why you can sue Google.

Anonymous said...

Why won't the police release her (more recent) arrest photo? More Human Rights bullshit, I suppose. Their job is to prevent crime and arrest criminals. How does withholding the photograph further those ends?

Anonymous said...

Can't someone track down her son - who she calls Jakie or Jake - and have a word with him? That's if he exists.

Other than that, why not a 'bait' operation - someone offer her some fantastic legal advice, or claim to have some devastating evidence in her favour, then when she turns up, slap on the 'cuffs?

Or does that sort of thing only happen in TV shows?

Not being flippant, just trying to think creatively to stop this loony doing any more harm.

Anonymous said...

GOOGLING the name of her son brings up his contact details. perhaps someone could have a word with him?

Anonymous said...

I know nothing of any of this and feel very uneasy. The words Witch Hunt come to mind. People in positions of power, and that includes bloggers, can sometimes unwittingly abuse it.

I am not accusing anybody of misusing their power or position in this case as I am not in a position to make any judgement.

That said, I still feel uneasy.

Rachel said...

Re. witch hunts?

The case of Regina vs. FJ Lowde was heard in a public court
( Stratford Magistrate's Court) on April 2 2007 before a District Judge, who heard the evidence, found Lowde guilty of harassment and issued a bench warrant for her immediate arrest.Anyone could have turned up and heard it.

Lowde, the defendant failed to turn up and went on the run.

The police are seeking her to arrets her as per the bench warrant, and bloggers are simply helping, by publishing info on her to help anyone who sees her to report her to the police so she can be arrested.

Same as Crimewatch, or CrimeStoppers website...

Lowde uses blogging to harass people, it therefore seems reasonable to use blogging to try to bring her to justice. Blogging and blogland is happily self-regulating at times...

I think we are all being very restrained.

After enduring 400 days of abuse, waiting for the trial and then still nto getting justice because the defendant absconded and continues, nay, escalated the abuse, I am really pleased that people are being so supportive and helping the police by actively looking out for Lowde.Thanks to all.

Rachel said...

I don't recommend anything other than simply looking for her, and if she is spotted, calling the police, who are looking to arrest her. I do not think contacting her ( entirely innocvent) son is at all advisable: I am sure that he is aware of the situation, poor man.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I'm sure you're absolutely right, Iain may wish to remove my posts if he wants to. As for the person who talks about witch hunts, word fail me. of course her son has nothing to do with this, she must be causing him untold grief as well.

I think you're being very reasonable and restrained about all this. I think I'd have gone crackers within about a week.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Can't she be traced through her benefits payments??

Kris said...

here's the deal: The police have loads of outstanding warrants. Unless someone is a terrorist (and even then...) the cops just don't have the time or people to launch an all points bulletin.

The way most of these people get caught is when they get arrested for something else and then bingo- ploddy gets two bags for the price of one.

I'm all for Rachel doing this. Not only is it sauce for the goose, I believe someone will see this nutjob and she can then get on with her jail time.

Anonymous said...

Don't want to worry you too much Iain, but this woman's eyes and forehead. . . . .

(your nose and mouth are much cuter!)

Fidothedog said...

Anyone who wants to help can get a blog button/html bits from here:

Anonymous said...

What are you going to do when you "get" her? Hold on to her and call the police?

I agreed with the person who said this feels like a witch hunt.

This woman obviously needs psychiatric help, not locking up in prison.

Surely there is a way of blocking e-mails and comments from her?

And as for Rachel making personal comments on her blog about this woman's looks - that's unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Peter Piper: Do you think it could be provocative to discuss this woman in so much detail? Could it add fuel to the fire? I can understand that viewpoint - but I guess until you are put in the position that Rachel is in - it's hard to imagine how you might react... Very tricky one.

Anonymous said...

Rachel is simply repeating the police description: as to whether this si a witch hunt - a fair trail, 400 days of abuse - and still no justice????

All bloggers are saying is: call the police if uou see someone who is wanted for arrest . No differnet to Crimewatch.

(Or CrimeWitch)

have you actually Read RN's post?

' Being found guilty in a criminal court makes no difference to her behaviour; in fact it escalates the attacks. She is clearly ill , and she clearly needs to be treated for her illness, if at all possible. And the criminal justice system and prison are not always the best place for people with mental health problems. But what else to do? She is committing crimes, and she will not or can not stop.'

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

I am sorry, anonymous but it is not very complex at all: the evidence was dispassionately judged in a public court by a District Judge on the 2 April, and anyone, anyone could have attended, and heard the evidence.

The convicted stalker has since gone on the run, there is no backstory or conspiracy, and the plain simple fact is that a woman who has tried to destroy not only me, but my family by libel and lies and psychological war, as well as attack a score of other people, is wanted by the police.

When she is caught, she can explain it all to the Judge. Meanwhile ALL the evidence is a matter of public record.

Sometimes the facts are simply the facts: an obsessive, ill, woman stalked an innocent blogger and after a year, the victim has finally asked the public to join the police in tracking down an abuser, who is wanted for sentencing.

Sometimes strangers attack people for their own, incomprehensible reasons: I am proof of that, three times over. A stranger-rapist in 2002, a suicide bomber in 2005, and now this woman in 2006-7. And I am upset by the thought that I invited any of these things, in any way.

End of. Please do your research.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Here you are Jailhouse, here's some more mild ribbing.

Have you abandoned your criminal code of "No Grassing" by assisting in the search for this fugitive from justice? I always thought that the criminal fraternity frowned on such activity.

I'll bet that the boys on the wing wouldn't be too happy to hear this. Who else have you grassed?

Your blog describes you as a S/E prison law consultant. Really?

Are the DWP aware of this? Have you filed your accounts with the Revenue? Are you VAT registered?

As a non-criminal I am not bound by your code and really ought to grass you to the relevant authorities.

Having spent a lifetime paying Tax and obeying the Law I find it quite irksome that a twerp like you with your silly self-aggrandisement seeks to portray yourself as a pillar of society.

"Law maker"...My arse.

You are nothing more than an unashamed and unrepentant axe killer of a defenceless old lady. You remain on licence for life due to the nature of your crime.

Oh, I forgot. According to you contrition is so middle class isn't it?

Is that mild enough for you?

P.S. for Rachel.

You really are known by the company that you keep.

Anonymous said...

rachel said....

May 26, 2007 10:42 PM

"Sometimes strangers attack people for their own, incomprehensible reasons: I am proof of that, three times over. A stranger-rapist in 2002, a suicide bomber in 2005, and now this woman in 2006-7."

It is in all parties interests' that FJL is brought to justice including herself & her son. It also could also potentially protect other innocent parties.

Has the MSM done much/anything to help?

Could they be further encouraged?

Well done Iain & good luck Rachel.

I hope "humanity shines through"

Anonymous said...

Just seen Telegraph article - Excellent

Sir Francis Walsingham said...

How far we have come from 23rd January 1909 - armed passers by fired on the gang of robbers who had murdered two policemen. They were commended for their public spirit. Ironically, the police were unarmed and had to borrow weapons from the public... It ended as the Siege of Sidney Street

Now reporting a criminal to the police is a witch hunt.

What a contemptible sentiment.

It is very simple - break the law and you have made yourself an enemy of society and must be treated accordingly.

Anonymous said...

As I read these posts I find myself feeling more and more sorry for Rachel. My god she's even having to try and defend herself against some of the arsehole comments here. I suddenly started to think some of the more bizarre comments could have come from FJL herself. Come on people find and expose this woman and leave the son alone. Support Rachel.