Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Irish Elections on 18 Doughty Street

This evening from 9-10pm we have a special programme on 18 Doughty Street on the Irish elections. I'll be joined by Jarleth Burke from Fine Gael, Dan O'Brien from the Economist Intelligence Unit, Simon Tuohy from IrishElection.com and Mick Fealty from Slugger O'Toole. If you have any insight into the Irish election or wish to ask the panel a question do leave a comment.

From 10pm to midnight on Vox Politix David Trimble and Labour historian Brian Brivati are among my guests. Again, let me have your questions for David Trimble.


David Lindsay said...

Since the Provisional Army Council remains undisbanded, it presumably still claims to be the sovereign body throughout Ireland. Therefore, regardless of any other factor whatever, how can any Irish party or politician consider, even for one moment, coalition or co-operation with Sinn Fein, which accepts and propagates that claim to sovereignty, and several of the leading members of which are in fact members of the Provisional Army Council?

Anonymous said...

Hope you'll have an interpreter.

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

Fine Gael?


Why couldn't you get someone from the PDs?

Anonymous said...

Three possible questions for the show on the Irish elections.
1) What are the prospects for coalitions in the Dail--e.g., FF and the PDs; FF, the Greens, and some independents TDs; FG, the Greens, and Labour?
2) Even if Bertie Ahern leads FF back into government, how will he last in office?
3) Does the *apparent* success of the power-sharing agreement in Northern Ireland make Sinn Fein sufficiently respectable to be courted as a coalition partner by FF or FG?
Thanks for taking up this subject, Iain.

Anonymous said...

Iain, The link to Simon Tuohy's site doesn't work--at least here in Virginia.

Anonymous said...

"Irush Elections"

So tell your chinaman to stimulate himself more slowly?