Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thinking Local...

Readers of the Daily Telegraph may already be aware of the THINK LOCAL series the paper is running together with DIRECT DEMOCRACY and the CENTRE FOR POLICY STUDIES. Their latest paper is on localising education and can be viewed HERE.


Old BE said...

He'll get sacked for saying that won't he?

Anonymous said...

The Direct Democracy site states:

"II. Decision-makers should be directly elected."

This is irreconcilable with the degree of autocratic control over policy and elected representatives given to unelected spin doctor Steve Hilton and his equally unelected clique. They are all too reminiscent of Blair's undemocratic sofa government.

"III. Citizens should be as free as possible from state coercion."

What if Cameron and the other 'Blair's heirs' follow Blair's totalitarian lead too? Impossible? Last year I would have said Cameron allowing his MPs to attempt to exempt themselves from FOI and proper democratic accountability was impossible.

It all comes down to trust, Iain,and time and again Cameron and his sofa clique erode my trust.

Anonymous said...

Dalekameron says:

"Destroy them!!! Destroy!! Destroy!!!!"

"All resistance is futile! Obey!! Obey!!"

Anonymous said...


What are your thoughts on the latest bad debtor figures released by Registry Trust? They show bad debts at a 10 year high, house prices are falling outside London, repossessions are rising, IVAs going through the roof and the effect this will have on our shyster in waiting?

When the greatest lie of NuLab regarding the chancellors economic genius is finally exposed how will Cameron react?