Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fantasy League Results

It's time to reveal the results of the Iain Dale Fantasy Football League. Here are the top twenty out of the 150 who took part. Well done to Dylan Chadha! And Kerron Cross nearly did it, unlike his beloved Watford. Dylan wins the prixe of £100 of books and CDs. If you're reading this Dylan, please get in touch!

1 Wandsworth Commoners, Dylan Chadha 2044
2 Come on You Horns!!! Kerron Cross 1967
3 Stealth Cyclist Iain Lindley 1958
4 Up for Aliya Calev ben Dor 1946
5 sheva me timbers S R 1944
6 The LeXI Robert Madeley 1897
7 eminemett Iain Bassam 1883
8 Albert's Lions Mike Steele 1877
9 Real Northwich FC Dan Harrison 1870
10 yiddos ben green 1863
11 woodys rams andrew woodman 1862
12 Brighton Breezy Joe Moll 1850
13 Absolutely Fàbregas Andy Redfern 1846
14 hugho Hugh O'Leary 1827
15 Chavtastic FC simon jenkins 1825
16 JDC XI Joe Cunningham 1825
17 Dynamo Bloomsbury Chris Cook 1818
18 The Peter Elliott 1818
19 FC Elskin David Preston 1802
20 Supporter Status chris shippam 1799

My two teams came 137th and 147th out of 150. Bit like West Ham then...


Chris Paul said...

Did you have some dodgy non-signings as well?

Anonymous said...

in the racist fantasy league does margaret hodge come above patrick mercer???

Newmania said...

Margaret Hodge ....don`t get me started. Iain has Melissa the Wonder Dog deleted her last thing I can`t get it anywhere.

( Surely she is looking for attention?)

Anonymous said... someone who used to do a 'fantasy football' league at work 'just for fun' I think you should publish the names of the other entrants, as the team names are often hilarious..

Anonymous said...

jilted john - now, now, Margaret Hodge is Egyptian, therefore cannot possibly be racist...

Anonymous said...

OH....i apologise. i thought allowing migrants to come here in any amount and then excluding them from services on grounds of race/passport/country of origin could be comstrued as racist. john cruddas seems to agree