Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ashcroft Steps Up Fight For VC Hero

Michael Ashcroft has added his weight to the calls for VC hero Tul Bahadur Pun to be given residence in the UK HERE. In an article in the Daily Mail he is typically forthright...
"Irrespective of anything else, this was a man who earned the Victoria
Cross in the service of the British," he said. "On compassionate and any other
grounds, this is somebody that the population of this country would be delighted
to have admitted to the UK. To tell him, at the age of 84, to 'bugger off' is
despicable." Lord Ashcroft, deputy chairman of the Conservative Party and author
of the book Victoria Cross Heroes, has arranged a meeting between his
advisgratefulers and Mr Pun's London solicitor to try to overturn the decision
banning him from the UK. Mr Pun's Ealing-based solicitor was grateful for Lord
Ashcroft's support. Martin Howe said: "I am delighted that a person who is
so knowledgeable about the Victoria Cross, and the owner of the world's largest
collection, is putting his full weight behind honourable men who are full of
integrity. "Mr Pun is being made aware of it and I know he will be delighted."


Anonymous said...

damn right I wrote to my MP about this but he is usualy useless and replys with the party line(ken purchase)but i have at least tried.We
owe people like this a debt that can never be properly repaid.

Old BE said...

Meanwhile, many other people who choose to use less conventional methods to enter the country are not stopped because we don't have border controls.

Anonymous said...

TOO True ED if only every person entering the UK had the there ties and credentials checked. hen again would the Blairs ever have been let back in after to going to Australia or the likes of Peter Hain ???

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that the bureaucrat concerned with this squalid decision has far less in the way of ties to the UK than Mr.Pun.

No genuinly british person would have refused Mr.Pun's application.

Anonymous said...

"advisgratefulers " ?!?

Anonymous said...

Well done, Lord Ashcroft


Unsworth said...

Good for Ashcroft. But, just as an aside, he also personally owns the world's largest private collection of Victoria Crosses, so there might just possibly be a number of interests there.

That said, I'm pleased if anyone in authority uses their position to condemn this scandalous treatment of a truly brave and selfless soldier.

Anonymous said...

I am astonished that this decision has not yet been reversed. But I remain convinced that it will be. If there's one thing this government hates it's bad publicity.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell does Ashcroft the tax exile collect VCs? Should he give them back to the families from whom the soldiers who won them came from? How many old people has he hassled out of them. And is he after Mr Puns?

Madasafish said...

Michael Ashcroft does not reside in the UK so he is in no moral position to help.

If he paid UK taxes?

Anonymous said...

I understand Mr.Pun's VC is in the Gurkha Museum in Winchester.

I don't think vicious remarks about Lord Ashcroft are in any way appropriate to this subject.

Surely our intention is that a disgraceful decision should be reversed, and any help to make that happen should be applauded.

(BTW I have no connection whatever with Lord Ashcroft, don't know him, never met him - but let's not take our eye off the ball here)

Anonymous said...

Well said Jafo.


I wonder why this didn't made BBC TV news?

Anonymous said...

It's hard to conceive of a greater tie with the UK than having earnt a VC in her service. I would swap this gentleman for any of our MP's tomorrow. Or perhaps all of them. Good luck to him.

Anonymous said...

PS I almost wished him the Best of British but that would be doubly insulting. Shame on us!