Thursday, November 11, 2004

Today's Events

Today I went to see my graphic designers in North Walsham and spent most of the rest of the day huddled in campaign meetings. This evening I went to Cromer Town Council's Planning Committee meeting to hear about the traffic problems in Cromer. I then spent an hour doing some telephone canvassing.

Tomorrow I am going to see David Prior at the N&N in Norwich and am attending a meeting on Biofuels at the Showground in the afternoon.

So Yasser Arafat is dead. As someone once said, "I wonder what he meant by that". He has a lot to answer for. Bill Clinton blamed him for his Presidency ending in failure. Personally I think a certain Ms Lewinsky had a bit to do with that, but it is quite clear that Arafat singlehandedly scuppered a deal that was on the table in 2000.


Westbury-on-Trym Lib Dems said...

It was Metternich on the death of Talleyrand who said it.

And I think Arafat may be answering to his maker for slightly more than mildly irritating the 42nd President!

Iain Dale said...

James, we agree. Yay!