Saturday, November 13, 2004

Boris & a Nosering

Alas poor Boris. Stupid boy.

Today we had 23 canvassers out. The residents of Horning, Barton Turf, Neatishead and Catfield didn't know what had hit them! Anyone would think an election was imminent. We have chosen an excellent County Council Candidate for the area, Chris How. He seemed to know everybody. The last door I knocked on was opened by a youngish chap with tattoos all over his neck, a nosering, an eyebrow ring and about a dozen earrings. 'Oh Christ', I thought. So I went through my spiel and to my utter amazement he was a total Tory! Just goes to show, never pre-judge. The weather was foul this morning and we all got soaked. People must have thought we were mad carrying on. But I'm not deterred by a bit of moisture. Oh, no. Much tougher than that.

Tomorrow I shall be going to a Remembrance Day service and then catching up on yet more phonecalls and paperwork.

I've also been designing my election posters. I'd love to show you now, but if I did I'd have to kill you. It's that secret. Shhhh.

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