Saturday, November 20, 2004

Brass Monkeys

God it was cold today. This morning a team of us were out on the venerable doorsteps of Sheringham. I keep being told that Sheringham is a LibDem stronghold but that's not my experience at all. At lunchtime I drove over to Happisburgh to see Di Wrightson whose tearooms are about to topple over the cliff. What a terrible situation to be in. She's fairly stoic but there's no doubt she's been totally let down by the system. The amount of erosion since the last time I visited was shocking. Are we really to leave the sea to do its worst? This afternoon we were in Tunstead. This must be about the most Conservative village in North Norfolk if the people we called on this afternoon were anything to go by. It must be because my constituency chairman Peter Talbot lives there!

I've spent this evening at home in Swanton Abbott going through my surveys. Call me a saddo if you like but I really enjoy it! I won't reveal yet how many we've had back but the number has astonished me. I think they should all be back by the end of the month at which time I'll publish the results. Betcha can't wait.

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