Saturday, November 06, 2004

Let's Get Rid of this Quango

I think it's now time to abolish the self-styoled Eastern Region Assembly. Yesterday it met in Southend of all places to approve Government plans to build 400,000 houses in East Anglia. The vote in the North East shows that no one wants these expensive talking shops which cost the taxpayer a lot of money with no conceivable benefit. I hope we will be committing ourselves to abolishing such wasteful quangos when we return to power.


Anonymous said...

Although I vote Lib Dem, and will continue to do so, I agree with you on regional government. An unwanted and expensive idea that will achieve almost nothing of any benefit.

The only additional tier of government we need is a Parliament for England!

Iain Dale said...

Interesting. You may like to know that we shall stop Scottish MPs from voting on English only issues, so we get an English Parliament by default and without having to pay for it. Ingenious eh?