Saturday, November 06, 2004

Getting to be an Old Git

Last night I went out for a drink to the Black Swan in North Walsham with three of my younger campaign team. One of them has come down all the way from St Helens to help for five days. That's commitment for you. Another is at uni in Canterbury and is coming out canvassing all day today. The Black Swan seems to be the place to be in North Walsham on a Friday night. I think I was the oldest person there by a country mile! Good music though, although I must be getting to the old git stage of life as it was very loud! Today is a campaign day in Fakenham and Walsingham.
Wasn't Prescott's face a picture yesterday? Thank God the idea of regional assemblies is now as dead as a dodo. I think I shall call for the abolition of the Eastern Region Assembly in a speech I shall be making in Cromer tomorrow. It's a talking shop which we don't need.

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