Friday, March 05, 2010

The General Election Quiz: Enter a Team

If you'd like to enter a team, you'd be very welcome.

UPDATE: Only space left for 5 more teams! Among those already taking part are teams from Sky News, iNHouse PR, APCO Worldwide, Blue Rubicon, Pfizer, Indigo Public Affairs, Altitude Public Affairs, Saint Consulting, Ellwood & Atfield, Vero, Farraday and Total Politics.


mtrcricket said...

It seems there is no place for those of us of the general public who have just a minor interest in the outcome of this election!

strapworld said...

mtrcricket, then organise your own for the charity!

mtrcricket said...

And, in particular, those who are not "London-centric"

mtrcricket said...

@ strapworld
I was not actually asking you.