Friday, March 05, 2010

More on LibDem BME Candidates

Yesterday I posted a story asking why the LibDems have so few black and ethnic minority candidates. Today, Mark Valladeres has written a reposte on his Liberal Bureaucracy blog.

It's an interesting article, in part because it mirrors many of the debates that have gone on within the Conservative Party on this issue over the last four years. Clearly there has been a lot of talk on this subject within the LibDems, but I would still contend that there hasn't been enough positive action, although it seems this will happen after the election in readiness for the next one. Note that I use the phrase 'positive action' rather than 'positive discrimination'. The two are very different and I am delighted that the positive action initiatives implemented by the Conservative Party have now been seen to work very well, with quality candidates selected entirely on merit. I hope the same thing now happens with the LibDems.


Anonymous said...

When I saw:

More on LibDem BME Candidates

I thought it was another Dale typo for:

Moron LibDem Candidates

- doesn't need the BME bit, since all LibDim candidates are by definition morons.

Come to think if it, the word moron is also redundant when it comes to LibDim candidates.

p smith said...

And what about BMI candidates?

You're not being fattist are you Iain?

Magical_Mist said...

I suppose it is quite difficult for the Lib Dems. With not much chance of gaining many MPs at all in the near to distant future (without PR), they're always going to have this issue...unless they wish to deselect a few incumbents.

LibCync said...

So you accept that:

"Nick Clegg has been leader of the LibDems for two years now. Is it too much to ask why he hasn't made a single speech on what he intends to do about making the LibDems elected politicians reflect the society they purport to represent?"

is false now then, Iain?

Jimmy said...

Thank heaven for that. I was beginning to get disoriented.

Thatsnews said...

It's odd but many Liberal Democrats are not especially Liberal or very democratic.