Monday, November 02, 2009

Tony Blair's Downfall

Perhaps not the funniest, but it makes a point! Shame about the proofreading on the subtitles...


Tom said...

Iain, I think there's a "Downfall" video you really need to see...

Alan Douglas said...

Best line "We can blame it on Mandelson" !

Alan Douglas

David Boothroyd said...

Can I do a 'Downfall' mashup for when Iain Dale finally realizes that he lied about remembering David Boothroyd posting insults on one of the Kaminski threads? I bet that would be hilarious.

The Grim Reaper said...

Can we have a new film to relentlessly take the piss out of, please?

Jimmy said...

You really shouldn't be making fun of your new European allies you know.

Anonymous said...

Boothroyd's downfall- supporting the banana boy's infantile rant!

Ingrid Jones said...

Dear Iain, For many years I've enjoyed reading your blog and the comments that it attracts but this posting of yours (it's not even funny) made me feel sad and disappointed as it puts you in the league of MSM gutter press and the Lord Tebbits* of this world. I read your blog for insight on the tories and their views on deadly serious issues such as Britain's future role in Europe. Am I wrong to expect better from you or some decent commentary on the Conservative Party's policy on Europe? I hope not. Kind regards, Ingrid.

*Copied here below is my latest blog post at
- - -

Is former Tory party chairman Lord Tebbit a psycho or what?

SHOCKING news report, copied here in full.

* * *From The Daily Telegraph
By Tim Walker
Published: 9:56PM GMT 02 Nov 2009

Lord Tebbit has murder in mind:

One wonders, not for the first time, if there is not a serial killer in Lord Tebbit fighting to get out.

The former Tory party chairman broke off from promoting his book The Game Cook to tell me of how he makes sure he never misses birds when he is out shooting.

"If I feel myself start to lose concentration and miss a few, the next time I see a hen fly over I say to myself 'There's Cherie'. If I see a cock, I say 'There's Tony'. If I am not sure what it is, then I say, 'There's Mandelson'. And then I know that I'll kill 'em."

* * *

To be fair, perhaps when Lord Tebbit made that shocking statement he might have been drunk or ill or something. Whatever, I find his mindset extremely disturbing and upsetting, especially considering what he and his wife had to suffer and endure as victims of the IRA. Tony Blair spent the best part of a decade bringing peace to Northern Ireland and deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for doing so.

What is the reaction of tories and young aspiring politicians when they see a report such as this, do they just shrug and laugh it off? I am so disgusted by Lord Tebbit's statement that it brings tears to my eyes and a feeling of revulsion, grief and disillusionment. I am not surprised that so many people, especially youngsters, do not care about politicians, politics, the state of the world and the moral fabric of British society.

Photo: Lord Tebbit and wife attend Brighton bombing memorial service. A congregation including Lord Tebbit and his wife Margaret gathered for a memorial service to mark the 25th anniversary of the IRA bomb attack on Brighton's Grand Hotel, aimed at the British Government. Source: The Daily Telegraph, 12 Oct 2009 - Lord Tebbit and wife attend Brighton bombing memorial service
- - -

BushBaby said...

Oh stop being so PC Ian that was brilliant shame we could not see him shooting himself and his wife

Jonforest said...

Ingrid, thank you for your post, a brilliant parody of the complete lack of humour and sanctimonious hypocrisy of New Liebour wimmin if I may say so.
I am sure Iain will not mind the blatant advert for your blog, which must attract a lot of readers and admirers.
The parody is so good because it is exactly the kind of spin we would expect new Liebourites to whip up about Lord Tebbit's little joke.
They would think that Tebbit deserves all he gets - talk about ingratitude from someone who suffered so much at the hands of the IRA to the man who, as you say, spent 12 years selling out to - I mean negotiating with - the terrorists.
Why can't people of Lord Tebbit's generation - yer know, one's that actually fought in a war rather than sent other people to fight - realise that Tony had their interests at heart when he presided over an immigration policy designed, as recently revealed, to change our society once and for all at the expense of our culture, heritage and traditions.
Tony has suffered enough misfortune from being associated with the criminally incompetent economic policies of his churlish rival and successor Gordon Brown without having the likes of Tebbit poking fun at him and reminding everyone of his near-treachery.

Ingrid Jones said...

Jonforest, for a real laugh, check out Scaryduck's great new blog: Angry people in local newspapers. It's gone viral. Shed man is my favourite.

Anonymous said...


manonwaterloobridge was the trustiest headbanger on the Dully Tele a couple of years back.

Funnily enough, though, lots of them sort of tend a little towards that archetype . . .